Bleach Manga Returns in Issue 41 (September 9th)

Ichigo on front page Shonen Jump

Bleach Manga took a slight break as author, Kubo Tite, took a bit of a break to recharge himself for the upcoming fights. The break was taken from Shonen Jump Issue 35 through to Issue 40. Kubo has prepared for a great return during Issue 41 which will release on the 9th of September (Most likely get translated on the 4th of September). The latest Bleach 547 will launch into the “Sennen Kessen-Hen – Ketsubetsu-tan” final battle, furthermore there will be an amazing colour opening page.

So what do you think about this awesome news, just a few more days till Bleach is back. Can I also mention that when Kubo mentioned that he’s ready to draw the fight scenes, by this I presumes that it means that he’s a lot further than when it comes to the chapters we read, we still have many other stories and journeys to follow before the final fights begins, which may have already been written. So what do you think about this, tell me by commenting below, let’s talk!

Ichigo front back page ShoJumpSource: CR

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  1. ryuujinjakka

    Does this mean that characters get a makeup-change and costume makeover? We saw new looks for Byakuya, Kenpachi, Toushiro, Renji and Rukia…
    If Kubo’s killed Unohana without a single fight, I’m going to get angry. And even if Urahara or Kyouraku get “severely injured” in their fights. I feel that Kyouraku’s opponent (that Stern Ritter with the glasses and guns) is probably Stern Ritter C, maybe the third strongest of the lot after Juhabach/Uryuu and Haschwalth.


    1. Sunite

      I don’t think they’re going to get a make over, some might but mostly same as before. Unohana’s thing will be explained, I don’t think she’s dead yet, and Zaraki’s Bankai will defo be revealed soon.
      Yeah agreed on the Stern Ritter C, he’s pretty powerful too. I want to see Uryu fight, seems like he’s getting stronger, we haven’t seen any power ups or anything from him in a while.


  2. deucee9s2wylde

    We can speculate all we want about makeovers, plot twists, rivalries, etc., but I’m just excited that we’re getting Bleach back in less than 2 weeks. I’m betting that many of the questions that have been floating around will be answered in this next chapter. Rumors and exaggerations will be put to rest as the ass-kicking commences. I’m glad Kubo took time off. It gave us time to appreciate the Bleach series more and learn more about it through our discussions and forums. We’ve been taken back and forth throughout the entire series and many of the things I didn’t notice before were brought to light and pointed out by our discussions, arguments and hypothetical analysis of what’s to come. I wonder if Kubo read any of our comments….


    1. Sunite

      I’ve heard some new that it could be on the 5th! So keep an eye out. Agreed, Bleach has come a long way that it’s best to let Kubo do his thing and let him do the best he can, I know he’s vision is much grander than ours and thus he’ll do us proud.


  3. Linus135

    I think it’s about damn time haha Been waiting for Bleach to come back for a while now, especially since everything got so epic. I’m glad Tite got to take a break though, but I’m even more glad to get to see what’s up with everything. Zaraki’s Zanpakuto, everyone’s bankais, new characters…there’s just so much happening *explode* Next week can’t come fast enough!!


    1. deucee9s2wylde

      The 5th has also been mentioned, and for your sake I hope it does come out that early. It would be nice to have that new chapter drop before you leave. So, keep your fingers crossed and pray it comes out on the 5th, or at least any time before the 9th.


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