Working Together – Ichigo and Grimmjow

bleach__ichigo_kurosaki_and_grimmjow_jaggerjack_by_ice_anbu-d6hjlxlThis is truly a sight that will be great to see, both Grimmjow and Ichigo working together to defeat the great evil which faces them. Ichigo has transformed himself into a very powerful shinigami that even most captains cannot compare to, however the Quincy’s are strong and Ichigo doesn’t have the power to take them all at once. That’s why Grimmjow, who has not died, is the perfect person to be his partner in the battles ahead.

The awesome scene and art above was creatively drawn by the one and only ice-anBu. He has a number of creative artwork especially from the anime Bleach. I guess he likes the anime as much as I do. Furthermore, If you see new things here, I’d highly suggest reading the manga from Bleach 480 onwards.

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