Naruto and Sasuke Attack Obito! Madara vs Hashirama – Naruto 641


Naruto 641 shows a different side of many characters. Minato gets away as Tobirama helps Minato out while using his own quick step which is Minato’s technique. It’s revealed that Minato is using Tobirama’s technique. While Naruto and Sasuke use their main techniques, they combine their techniques together in order to create an even more powerful technique which hits Obito directly.

Naruto 641 begins as Minato tries to hold the Bijuu Dama he transported, out of nowhere, Tobirama appears and quickly holds the Bijuu Dama and disappears once more. Tobirama shows them his true power as he returns the Bijuu Dama to Obito. It quickly explodes as Tobirama appears, he mentions that he only used his clone there.

He mentions the last time he touched him, he put a mark on him. Naruto mentions that he can copy Minato’s technique, Tobirama reveals that it was Minato who copied Tobirama in the first place, he should also address him as the second with respect. We return to Madara vs Hashirama, where Hashirama tells Madara not to get in the way, Hashirama mentions that there is no time, however he needs to do something before this. He also mentions that he needs a little longer, Hashirama doesn’t understand what’s going on.

A lot of other people watching the match when they mention that people from years ago are literally on a different level. Shikamaru tells everyone that it doesn’t matter how little power they have, they have to concentrate on their fights, they might have little power but when the time is right, they will need to look properly. Temari mentions that Shikamaru could become a good Hokage.

From the explosion, Obito gets out of there in a shield of chakra in which he lands and disables is, Tobirama mentions that he’s fast and that it won’t be easy to hit him. Minato mentions that he will have to create an opening with his technique. Tobirama mentions that the name of the technique is funny, but they don’t have time to laugh at this point.

Sasuke steps in and goes for his Amaterasu, Obito noticed that he was building chakra on his left eye, so he saw this coming for a while now. Both Madara and Naruto go for their attack. Tobirama puts a mark on Minato, and Minato does the same to Tobirama. Naruto is told by Sasuke that he’ll adjust his chakra percentage using his Sharingan so they can mix their techniques.

They use their Rasenshuriken and Kagutsuchi, they both successfully mix it. Tobirama appears behind Obito, who mentions that they’re going to attack from both sides. Out of nowhere, Minato appears in the middle of Naruto and Sasuke’s attack which his quick speed. Minato is hit, Tobirama notices Obito is distracted, and quickly using their techniques, they swap their bodies, Obito and Minato swap! And Naruto and Sasuke’s attack goes directly to Obito.

Naruto and Sasuke are happy that they actually got their attack. Obito notices that they swapped places, Tobirama also disappears so the attack can take place. Sakura notices the large explosion. She asks what’s going on with Naruto and Sasuke, she mentions that they’re both smiling. Naruto 641 ends here.

A good chapter with a lot of awesome stuff, plus it’s nice to see Madara and Hashirama’s fight. Furthermore, it’s awesome to know that Tobirama was the first person to develop the technique in which Minato got his name from. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 642 which it most likely to be awesome!

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  1. zetsu

    those 2 are teaming up like they grew up together and naruto please show tobirama a little respect,how can he copy minato’s jutsu when he died before minato was born or when he was a kid


    1. Sunite

      Yeah lol, Tobirama is more than he seems, he’s the second Hokage and invented the Edo Tensei as well as the Flash Step which Minato uses, or accidentally stumbled upon. Naruto and Sasuke are closer than you think, they know more about each other in this fight compared to the time before, as they’re finally fighting properly.


    1. Sunite

      Good point, but I don’t think Sakura is yet in Tsunade’s level, she might have the stored power, but it might not be a lot, it could still be somewhat limited to her. Plus I think your right, she needs to go forward after she’s healed everyone.


  2. zetsu

    aren’t the 5 kages supposed to get there already and what is kakashi waiting 4 and what will that jutsu be called,mixing amaterasu and rasen-shuriken


    1. Sunite

      Thats in fact true, but this fight is going very slow. You might be seeing a lot in the fights, but time is going slowly as they are all going so quickly… It’s only been a few minutes since Obito’s arrived. I think Kakashi is trying to heal himself. Minato will be proud to see Kakashi there when he arrives. Kages will probably arrive to help Hashirama and not Naruto and such.


  3. zetsu

    madara and hashirama should get into action soon.4 this fight am madara’s fan i want to see him kick hashirama’s butt.anyway it was a fantastic episode


  4. zetsu

    that curse of losing to senju is over cause they are dead already and madara has hashirama’s dna and he is also clever which gives him the advantage.


  5. zetsu

    it would be a chessy victory if hashirama wins without any help,and what is that prof of ninjutsu think he is doing?FOUTON RASEN-AMA SHIRUKEN latest jutsu:-D


    1. Sunite

      But now, Madara has Hashirama’s powers too, remember when Kabuto put Hashirama’s cells in Madara? He has both powers too. So it will be a different battle now.


  6. dreager1

    Was it just me, or was this chapter even shorter than usual? It was only about 15-16 pages this week and usually it’s more like 18. Well, we got a lot of action, so that was still pretty cool. I’m surprised that Madara is taking the time to fight Hashirama since he really needs to unveil his plan before Tobi wipes him out. The Sasuke and Naruto combo attack was pretty cool and the 4th Hokage had a solid plan. I don’t like that Toshirama can also use the attack, but I guess I’m okay with it. I’m definitely loving Tobi’s super form and this climax is turning into the best Naruto battle of all time! It’s already in my top 5.


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