Attack on Titan Live-Action Parody Opening Music Video

Attack on Titan Parody OpeningAttack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) has grown massively popular all around the world, that’s why the Kusarine Project, a group popular on YouTube, have created a impressively accurate as well as funny parody opening video for Attack on Titan. Kusarine Project have been turning anime openings themes into live-action versions of the original opening which includes masked performers ever since 2009.

They have managed to recreate the entire opening music video replacing each and every Titan and Human character with a masked performer. Even the action scenes when Eren and Mikasa fly around is created with such perfection. Personally, the best part of the video has to be the ending, while they try to take the shots, the performer seems to be struggling while his crew laughs at him, definitely similar to when Eren was training with his 3DMG.

How funny was that? The video below shows the comparison of the actual opening music video compared to the parody version, you can truly see the work that has gone into making it so awesome. You might have also noticed at the end, how a large number of humans were wearing nothing but their underwear. This part made reference to the chorus which sounds like “Fundoshi da” in Japanese, which links to underwear, “Fundoshi”. If you read Japanese, you should have also noticed the hilarious subtitles, also “Attack on Tintin” on their version.

Source: CR

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