White Fang and the Jinchuuriki – Kakashi and Naruto

kakashi_and_naruto_by_kortrex-d62w14nKakashi Hatake or know his nick name, White Fang with his student Naruto Uzumaki known as the Nine Tails Jinchuuriki. From the very start, he’s always been aware of Naruto’s capabilities, however he’s never been able to explore and try to develop Naruto’s powers, he’s only thought him that comrades is what counts, never give up and always try his best. However at points we’ve seen Kakashi take care of all his students in such situations as when they fought Zabuza.

The fantastic artwork above of an unconscious Naruto being carried by Kakashi the White Fang was created by Kortrex, he’s very skilled at what he does, thus you should definitely check his work out, if you feel you want to support him, you definitely should.

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