Masaki destroys Black Hollow! Aizen Inspects – Bleach 532

bleach_532_by_tempestdh-d60geq9 bleach_532___coloring___kurosaki_masaki____deohvi__by_deohvi-d60epuz bleach_532__aizen_by_ar_ua-d60k0rn bleach__masaki_kurosaki_spoiler_by_sideburn004-d60axsl bleach_532___masaki_pum___by_hikarinogiri-d60hl03Masaki destroys Black Hollow Aizen speaks of Urahara Masaki notices fight Isshin notices Masaki Masaki welcomes Black HollowBleach 532 shows us an incredible ending to the Black Hollow, Aizen watches on while Isshin suspect-fully knows that there is a traitor among him who stabbed him. Masaki appears, she stops the Black Hollow from firing a Cero at Isshin, she invites him to attack her, however I think she uses her Blut Vene which stops it from cutting her arm off, she then uses a one hand mini Quincy Bow and Arrow to annihilate him, blowing his head sky-high.

Bleach 532 begins as Aizen admires Urahara’s work, he describes his cloak which isolates the persons reiatsu almost completely. Also by kneading some kido into it, the body can blend into the air which renders them almost invisible. Aizen mentions that it’s a wonderful parting gift which he left.

Isshin falls from the skies onto a building noticing that the attack he received just now was now from a hollow, but in fact a zanpakuto.  He quickly deduces that it was a Shinigami, and that they must be hiding in the background, he calls them out asking who they are and where they are hiding.

Gin notices that he’s already realized that it wasn’t a Hollow that hit him. Aizen mentions that he’s going, Aizen mentions that his Bankai is a burden on his body, therefore he won’t be able to use it with such a wound, furthermore, if a captain rank is able to defeat the Hollow with just a Shikai, then it means that the sample is a failure in the first place.

Kaname mentions that it’s not a sample, therefore they should call it white. He’s completely different from all the types of Hollow they’ve created so far, it’s their first one which is based on the soul of a shinigami. Aizen mentions that he’s right, and apologizes to him.

Aizen mentions that calling it white even thought it’s completely surrounded by a clad of black armor, because of its whiteness is a complete irony to him. The Black Hollow attack Isshin which triggers the wound to get worse, it also tries to attack from the side, which Isshin blocks and suspends it with his feet. He mentions to himself that the wound can’t be fixed with his reiatsu, they won’t be able to use his Bankai.

The Black Hollow pushes Isshin back which launches him into the sky. The hollow follows, Isshin then gets some of his own blood into his hand and gets into his mouth, he is then able to create a very large fire space which burns the Black Hollows left hand. Isshin keeps on fighting, when Masaki watches what’s going on, after the large fire ball, she notices that the Black Hollows hand has  fallen right beside her.

Isshin compliments the Black Hollow on being able to fight good with just one arm, he attacks Isshin and keeps on pushing him back, he gets so closer to which allows him to perform a Cero, out of nowhere appears a very quick Quincy arrow which interferes with the Hollow Cero.

Isshin notices the person who sent it, he asks who she is. Aizen also notices that a Quincy has just arrived, Kaname mentions that this is not going with their plan, he mentions that he should eliminate her, Aizen stops him and wants them to see what happens next. Out of nowhere the Black Hollow runs towards her, Isshin begs the Black Hollow to wait.

Masaki keeps on sending more and more Arrows, the Black Hollow moves around missing all of them, Masaki notices that its very quick, he can’t seem to aim at him. She then tries another tactic, she raises her hand, she calls out for him, Isshin notices that she’s being an idiot, Aizen watches on, the Black Hollow reaches her and quickly bites her arm with all it’s force.

We notice that the Black Hollow’s bite is nothing more than a slight injury, it seems like she will be fine, however it also seems that Masaki cannot feel the injury put upon her, it could be to a multiple number of things, for example her Blut Vene. She raises her other air and points her the Black Hollows head, she creates a small bow to which she mentions that she’s got him. She releases the bow and the Hollows head is no longer in existence, it seems that she’s been able to destroy its soul! Bleach 532 ends here.

What an epic chapter, Isshin has been saved and Masaki’s Quincy abilities are ones which cannot be compared to as she’s obviously know what she’s doing, she’s obviously very powerful! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 533 when we carry on with this past telling!

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  1. dreager1

    I’m glad to see that Masaki is definitely a tough quincy. One shotting a hollow like that is definitely impressive to say the least. I think you’re right that she used a blut technique so the attack didn’t hurt her. I think it was a mistake on the hollow’s part not going for a more vital area, but she probably would have blocked anyway.

    The fight between Isshin and the hollow was definitely solid. Too bad that we didn’t get to see his bankai. Also nice to see Aizen trolling everyone like usual. I like to think that the hollow would have beaten Isshin even if Aizen hadn’t helped, but he didn’t seem to be doing extremely well. Now that they’ve met, it would seem like we’re at the halfway mark of the flashback


    1. James

      no it did hurt her she was bleeding on her shoulder where the hollow bit her the blut vene technique was not created until juha bach cause the quincies ichigo is fighting now was saying the uryu grandfather soken ishida did not approve of advancing the quincy techniques to evolve


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