The Black Hollow! Aizen’s Appearance – Bleach 531

bleach_531_coloring___the_black_hollow____deohvi__by_deohvi-d5zhfot bleach_531___engetsu__by_hikarinogiri-d5zilvh bleach_531_by_i_azu-d5zn5lz bleach_531_masaki_coloring_by_acetrainerkayden-d5zkr7v bleach_manga_chapter__531_panel_colour_by_yurusen-d5zg5irBlack Hollow screams Isshin's Engetsu Burn Shikai Black Hollow turns around Isshin vs Black Hollow Black Hollow

Bleach 531 hints at the awesome past with Isshin going head to head with the Black Hollow which has appeared. Masaki and Ryuken get ready to go to help who ever there is at that point. We notice at the last possible moment that Aizen with Gin and Kaname have arrived, they attack Isshin from the back, he’s put down until Aizen could face the Black Hollow.

Bleach 531 begins with Isshin and the Hollow facing each other. Isshin tries to identify it but is unable to, thus gives it a name describing by its looks, The Black Hollow. It scarily looks at Isshin and opens it awesome mouth to produce the scary Hollow noise, similar to that of Ichigo when he fought Ulquiorra. IT screams out of nowhere, seemingly it seems like there could be a person inside this hollow.

Isshin deduces that it’s completely black, and its Hollow hole seems to be closed, however its reiatsu is definitely of a Hollow. It goes after Isshin, at such speed, fortunately Isshin was able to quickly draw his sword out in time. Aizen watches from his computer screen as Isshin fights.

He asks why he’s even there, Kaname mentions that he didn’t report where he was going, Gin mentions that he didn’t go through with a permit. He adds that this is going to be trouble. Aizen adds that it’s fine, it’s supposedly an unexpected harvest. He thus wants to see it closer, thus he asks them if there’s a way of going to them.

Masaki notices a reiatsu, it seems like it’s getting closer and closer, a Hollow and another one. She quickly runs out of her room and tries to go out side when Ryuken notices her going, he asks her where she’s headed too. He then mentions that there is no need to ask as he’s also noticed that there are Shinigami outside he mentions that they should only go out after they’ve died. Even if something happens, Katagiri and the others can sort things out.

Ryuken tells her that she should be more aware of her position, he asks her if she understands what she’s doing, she should care more about herself, thus their Reinbluetigen Quincy blood shouldn’t go to waste so easily. Masaki quickly shouts to Ryuken that she has her own reasons.

Isshin’s keeps on being pushed back, attack after attack, it seems like Isshin can’t do much,  except defend himself. He tries to deduce what it is, mentioning that its physical appearance is still somehow that of a hollow, but it feels as though he’s fighting an Shinigami.

He’s called out by another Shinigami, she asks what he’s doing there, currently Karakura town is under the jurisdiction of the 13th division. He notices that what’s quickly going on, the Hollow quickly passes Isshin and quickly goes to attack the woman, she’s quickly told to run but somehow the Hollow creates a Cero and it seems like it completely destroyed her.

Masaki looks at Ryuken, she quickly runs knowing that she can still help, Masaki tells Ryuken that the before action he thinks about his aunt, the Quincy, the future and many other things, she admires thins, but she’s not him. To Masaki, caring about herself means that she’s going to do everything in her power every day to help.

If today shes unable to do something because of some custom and they die, tomorrow she won’t be able to forgive herself. Ryuken looks her, he contacts Katagiri, calling her out and telling her to get the Reishi armor ready. It seems like he’s also going to help.

Isshin notices that what just happened could have been a Cero, he also notices that what he’s fighting isn’t a hollow, as it’s got features related to menos. He attacks from behind, and still it blocks. He asks the monster, there is no chance for such a monster to exist without Soul Society knowing, someone must be sheltering him, who’s pulling the strings he asks.

The Hollow doesn’t answer, he doesn’t care if can talk or not, he’s going to slash him anyway. Isshin activates his Shikai, mentioning Burn, Engetsu! A fiery circular thing appears surrounding Isshin, however as Isshin goes to attack, we notice that he’s already been attacked from someone else. He falls and we notice Aizen’s sword out. Bleach 531 ends here!

What a fantastic change in the story, Aizen seems to be getting his hands dirty, and it seems like Ryuken and Masaki may do some real damage later on, it could also mean that they will notice Aizen, Gin and Kaname and tells Isshin after he wakes up, can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 532 when the incredible manga continues.

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  1. dreager1

    Alright, I think Bleach is finding its groove again. This chapter was definitely intense and the fight scene was cool. I wouldn’t count Isshin out of the fight just yet though. I don’t think the slash will knock him out and that he’ll at least stay conscious for a while. Personally, the dark hollow should have no trouble beating back the 6 of them, but he is getting ganged up on so it could get close. Can’t wait til next week!


  2. rise

    idk if this has to do with anything but isshin said “burn engestu,” which means that engestu is like the sun and zangestu is like the moon



    ok soooo im confused, this hollow is black and hollow ichigo was white and yet zangestu is black….. and did anyone notice from the last chapter that the hollows arm looks like ichigo new tensa zangestu sword


  4. yay

    if their really is a person inside the hollow, then it could be ichigo….. isshin could of possible used the final gestuga on the hollow which broke its mask and other hollow parts to only see ichigo inside and then he somehow much of absorb the final gestuga and became a shinigami with isshin powers……… isshin and maski could of possible adopted him and made it and made him his own kid…………… this really is a stupid theory 😛


    1. Linus135

      I think you may be right about Kayan and this hollow being related. It would help help explain why Ichigo looks like Kayan (besides being his cousin) and the relation between their resemblance and “Ichigo’s Hollow”


  5. BornFromLegend

    Maybe it really is just a hollow and ichigos dad somehow absorbs it and he passes the hollow on into ichigos soul when he is born. it makes sense since isshin is young and has no kid yet. Plus i remember a long time ago when aizen was fighting ichigo and aizen said and i quote “ive been planning this ever since before you were born” Mayb this implies how the hollowfication of ichigo comes to being. No matter what, Ichigos hollow is somehow linked to this chapter.


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