Savior – Ichigo Kurosaki

bleach___saviour_by_jaggudada-d3kg4gbIchigo Kurosaki’s amazing powers have surpassed many enemies as well as many of the captains belonging within the Soul Society. The next challenge he face is not an enemy, but in fact his own self. He challenges himself in order to get to know who he really is from how he’s powers really came to be, and how he was all involved within Aizen’s plans. Isshin currently tells him his past, but what else could there be to this?

The fantastic image above of Ichigo, from the point when he went to save Rukia was done by the one and only jaggudada who has a large number of different artwork belonging to a different number of styles such as from DC. Thus you should check them out if you like it.

What do you think?

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