Captain Isshin Shiba! Zaraki’s Stolen Zanpakuto – Bleach 529

matsumoto_529_by_pinkgirl123-d5xb40r bleach_529___matsumoto_and_ishin_by_hikarinogiri-d5x729l the_former_10th_division_by_xxcookie_freakxx-d5xeb6n bleach_529___isshin_by_the103orjagrat-d5x99wf bleach____matsumoto_rangiku_by_minatosama207-d5x5ss6Captain Isshin Shiba 10th Division Aizen during his plan to look for Shinji's Vizards Rangiku Matsumoto Vice Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya 10th Division Third Seat Captain Isshin Shiba FaceBleach 529 just keeps on getting more and more interesting, we get an explanation to by Ichigo was unable to get an Asauchi, at the same time Renji knew that something like this was going to happen. Isshin keeps on explaining about his past, we finally find out Isshin’s full name, Isshin Shiba! Making it clear why Ichigo and Kaien look so alike. Isshin was th 10th Division Captain with Matsumoto and Toshiro at Vice Captain and 3rd Seat. He goes on a mission which most likely will take him to a place he doesn’t want to go, we also notice Aizen in the back planning it all before it failed.

Bleach 529 begins as Nimaiya asks Renji why he didn’t say anything, he thought that he would have gotten the least bit angry and not allow him, it seems like Renji has realized, that no matter how hard you try, its useless. Nimaiya Ouetsu mentions that he knows the exact position of all the Asauchi that he’s built so far.

He explains that all Shinigami are given an Asauchi, with hard training, they can make that Asauchi their own, that’s the origin and the basics of all the relationship between Shinigami and Zanpakuto, it’s absolute, all soldiers and captains go through the same processes. Even those of the Zero Division.

And even the one Zaraki stole from a corpse, he did this while the Asauchi had not fully gotten compatible with the soldier. Zaraki stole it from them and made it his own. He knows all of them, ever since the beginning of Soul Society, not even one Shinigami was able to awaken their Zanpakuto without one of his Asauchi.

Nimaiya knew that this method to get his Zanpakuto would have not worked for Ichigo, he also knew that Renji knew this too, however Ichigo didn’t know this, that’s why he has to find out who he really is, he has to find out where his soul resides and follow it from where. Isshin keeps on explaining the past of himself. We move onto the past where Rangiku Matsumoto is looking for her captain, she find him, she asks for a train to which she throws at a tree.

It hits the captain and he falls down, it seems like Isshin had stopped it right before it hit his face, Rangiku kicks the tray at his face, it presses so hard to his face that it nearly breaks his nose. Matsumoto isn’t happy with his attitude, she wants to take him back to force him to do his work. It’s revealed that Isshin’s second name is Shiba! Isshin Shiba, is the 10th Division Captain at that time.

Isshin hands the tray back and blames the crack on Rangiku. Matsumoto mentions that he may be a branched, but he’s head of the Shiba Family, so he needs to behave with honor, otherwise it will affect the honor of the main household too. Isshin mentions that she always uses the family card as her excuse.

They both scream at each other when Isshin calls Rangiku’s name, he says that because of the time she spend looking for him, her boobs look all shiny, he calls them nice! Rangiku gets pissed off and beats him up. They reach back at their base, where Toshiro stands as the 3rd seat of the 10th Division, it seems that he’s done all the work!

Isshin’s impressed, he lifts Toshiro up with his hands as though he’s a little boy, he then mentions that he’s worthy of being the next captain. Rangiku is shocked that he would say something like this, she mentions that she should be the captain, however Isshin tells her that she’ll would destroy the whole division, Toshiro also mentions that he’s Bankai Training is going well.

Toshiro reports in a problem to Isshin, he mentions that Narukishi is an average sized city, two months ago, the Shinigami in charge died accidentally, they received last month’s report and the cause is still unknown, last month two other people had died says Toshiro.

Out of nowhere, Isshin jumps out and goes to this place to investigate, he leaves everything to them, he goes alone when he tells them that he’ll be back in two days, Rangiku thinks she can go after her when he uses his speed to move out. Toshiro tells her that they mustn’t follow as it’s duty, the captain knows that it’s dangerous, that’s why he’s going alone, Toshiro then goes on to mention that at their power levels, they would only be in his way.

It a secret base somewhere, a man comes on, this man appears to asks if they got anything yet, Gin and Kaname say that they haven’t found anything. Kaname goes on to say that they were able to equip hollows with the targets hollowfication, he mentions that it’s too virulent thus won’t work on normal souls or the souls of division members.

This man reveals himself as being Aizen Sosuke! He mentions that it’s fine, they’ll soon be able to learn the whereabouts of Shinji Hirako’s gang of Vizards, they can lure them out and carry their experiments on, Gin and Kaname are asked to be patient. He tells them that everything will go according to their plan, this was before Ichigo was ever born,  and after Shinji and the others turned and obtained a mask. Bleach 529 ends here.

What a fantastic chapter, it’s all starting to be explained, plus it’s all being shown, from the very start of it all! It’s great to see Isshin being cleared up to be from the Shiba Clan, but this time it might be the end of his captaincy once he goes to the real world to meet Masaki Kurosaki! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 530 when the story telling continues!

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  1. dreager1

    I’m still thinking that this hollow could be the Grand Fisher. It would make sense and be cool for his fans. I’m not sure how he could possibly beat Isshin though, but this could explain why he got Masaki. Maybe it’s as simple as the fact that he just wants revenge since she defeated him. I’m guessing Aizen and friends may help him (Because otherwise Masaki and Isshin seem too powerful)

    Well, decent chapter, possibly more fights next week with the hollows


  2. popothegreat

    Now we know that ->masaki kurosaki ->isshin shiba isa the real name of ichigo’s parents 😀
    and one more thing, tha way ichigo cant pass the training to fix he’s zaanpakto is that he’s half quincy and half shinigami. i think maybe he can get back he’s zanpakto if he train in quincy. thats only my opinion.:D


  3. Rahmaru this chapter i’m sure nimaiya is the first shinigami who got zanpakuto shikai and bankai and the first generation of gotei 13….
    and the actually name of ichigo should be Shiba Ichigo since his father from Shiba family…


  4. KurotsukiHisana

    Okay, as much as I like that this arc and the chapters explain so much, it pretty much ruined an OC pairing a friend of mine and I had. My part of it (Hisana) was Ichigo’s daughter, and his part (Ringo) was Kaien’s nephew. ….Which now means that our pairing is actually a joining of cousins. o_e; Thanks, Kubo. You /really/ changed our lives this time/


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