Second Coming – Madara Uchiha and Sage of the Six Paths

second_coming_by_narutopants-d5s3j69The Second Coming has already begun with Madara Uchiha’s arrival as a Edo Tensei corpse. Even after Kabuto’s release, Madara’s techniques have even gone as far as to overcome what he calls life and death! The only question here is when is the great and powerful Sage of the Six Paths likely to even return? From what we currently know, he’s already in the battlefield in the form of Naruto Uzumaki!

The reborn of the Ten Tails brings chaos and worry for everyone in the Naruto World! It brings forth legends and renders them back to life as the Ten Tails’ power power doesn’t only appear as one but in fact as everything which surrounds them all. It’ll be impossible for anyone except the Sage of the Six Paths to defeat or make peace with the Ten Tails, while at the same time bringing peace and harmony to all villages.

The image above was fantastically drawn by NarutoPants. The image itself is fantastic that it deserved a feature! They’ve also got a ton of other Naruto Fan Art which you’ll love, so go and check them out!

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