Of Sunlight and Broken Hearts – Lucy Heartfilia

of_sunlight_and_broken_hearts_by_annmy-d5rv1x9The recent news that Lucy went through the Eclipse Gate’s in order to save everyone from a large horde of over 10,000 Dragons gives an idea to the number of dragon’s that are actually alive! It also shows that it could be something very similar to revenge from the dragons on what the many Dragon Slayers did. From all this, there seems to be something missing from all of this.

Could it be that the Eclipse itself is being seen by the hiding dragons as a weapon, or do the dragons know that if they do try to kill Zeref during his childhood, it could have a large effect on the dragons itself? It could be any number of things. Furthermore, I still believe that Future Lucy’s arrival will do nothing but affect the current Lucy’s decision!

The amazing fan art above was drawn by AnnMY. She’s done a fantastic job of creating such an awesome artwork! You should definitely go and check out her other artwork if you like the one above.

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  1. deucee9s2wylde

    Nice point. If there really are 10,000 dragons in existence, then where are they and why are they only showing up now? The only one that has been seen in 14 yrs is the one that used to be a dragon slayer. Does he return to Fiore as well? I really like how this series is progressing; interesting storylines, back stories are beginning to connect, recently with Simon, Kagura and Erza, the message of dragons possibly coming to destroy the city depending the outcome of the tournament, and the action is always top notch.


    1. Sunite

      I was starting to dislike that Fairy Tail are coming up with just crap stuff and prelonging things, but after this I believe the dragon’s story is very well alive! If you’ve read the latest FT manga chapter, it mentions that in Future’s Lucy’s world 10,000 Dragon’s destroyed, hopefully we actually get to see these dragons, the fact that Natsu and the others are in the castle means that we won’t see Natsu actually fight with an actual dragon, which sucks…!


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