Fear of the Fight – Shuhei Hisagi

fear_of_the_fight_by_st3ein-d5q53uxShuhei Hisagi is one of the more popular vice-captains which I like to see fight, his attitude towards helping others may have been adopted by his first inspiration to become a Shinigami, Kensei Muguruma. This image doesn’t just show his attitude towards fighting and war, but also represent his attitude that he hates fighting and only does so when necessary.

We’ve seen Hisagi fight a number times against many opponents but one that was more significant to his personally was mostly reflected by his fight with his own materialized Zanpakutou, Kazeshini. Hisagi’s Kazeshini wanted to kill his master, Hisagi, for reasons that he seemed to be too weak to handle him Kazeshini, this lead to a heart to heart chat by both as Hisagi told him that having a fear to fight leads people away from fighting and into peace, this prevents grief and is supposedly opposite to what Kazeshini beliefs in.

The fantastic image above was drawn by the one and only St3ein. He’s done a fantastic job of it, he’s just starting out but I know that he’s going to perfect his style of art and make some other awesome artwork!

What do you think?

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