Neji’s Dying Moments – Naruto 614

naruto_614___neji_by_i_azu-d5okkou neji__s_dead_by_ar_ua-d5oi65c la_muerte_de_neji_by_thealm-d5oj9jc juubi_terror___naruto_614_by_hallow1791-d5okodb naruto_614___neji___by_tremblaxx_arts-d5okwjuNeji's sacrifice for Naruto and Hinata Ten Tails goes crazy Neji's dieing moments Neji and Hyuga's Hakkeshou Kaiten Neji nearly deadNaruto 614 shows us that even members like Neji, who are the leading members, are supposed to die to save their comrades. The author is likely to save no one during this war and it’s possible that Neji Hyuga will die during this war after he was struck my a large wooden spike while trying to save Hinata and Naruto!

Naruto 614 begins as everyone is shocked at the message which Shikaku gave to everyone during their last moments. Choji asks Shikamaru if he’s okay, while doing so, he tells him to say nothing more, he tells Ino to do the same. He just tells them to do as his old man told him to do. Naruto asks what happened to them.

Neji arrives to help Naruto, he tells him that he’s the key to this strategy, Naruto quickly asks Neji that he isn’t asking that, but in fact asking what happened to Shikaku and Inoichi. Neji is surprised that he doesn’t know what happened. From this point a large horde of people are flying everywhere behind Naruto. Hiashi quickly gets Neji to flank the right, at this point they both activate their Hakkeshou Kaiten which helps to disturb one of the Ten Tails.

Naruto quickly admires Neji being such a badass and a genius. People quickly find out that they deflected it. Hiashi quickly tells Naruto not to space out because people’s lives are on the line. If they were to lose this battle, it would mean total extermination for them!

Neji quickly tells Naruto that for their strategy to work, they would need Naruto’s strength, Hinata tells him that they’ll protect him. Hiashi tells Naruto not to worry because the Hyuga’s are Konoha’s strongest! Madara tells Obito that he was hoping to attack them before they could finish talking but he isn’t able to control the Ten Tail’s well enough.

Madara reveals that it should be fine until the Ten Tail’s transforms once more. Madara tells Obito that without being a Jinchuuriki, there is no other way to master the Ten Tail, he then reveals that without a living body, and not a Edo Tensei, he will not be able to take control of it.

Obito then talks telling Madara that he could just aim at the Alliance with a Bijuu Dama, being a Suicide, however since Obito is preciously needed by Madara, he isn’t likely to do so, it also means that Obito is needed for him to use the Rinne Tensei. Therefore Madara is at Obito’s Mercy.

Madara quickly tells Obito to quite with his attitude, Obito just reveals that he’s always had that attitude with him plus he has never though of Madara as an ally. Madara just agrees and asks Obito what he wants to do with them now, Obito tells Madara that he wants to cripple them with despair.

At this point, all the 10 Tails, with hands on the end go towards the skies to launch Wooden Element, Piercing Wood which launches a great deal of wooden sticks trying to kill everyone. Everyone tries to evade them when Kitsuchi tells everyone that he can make a Mountain, he just needs to mold more chakra.

It hits Neji’s head band, when Naruto ends one of his Rasen Shuriken which cuts most of the wooden sticks. There are large number of people being protected by large rocks and such, Naruto then sends two more Rasen Shuriken’s which exhausts him. Hinata tries to help and so does Hiashi with his Air Barrier Palm.

It deflects a Tail but it quickly points at Naruto and tries to attack  him when Hinata tries to help. Out of nowhere, we notice Neji put himself in the middle of the stick and Hinata and Naruto! He gets critically injured. Hiashi notices this, Kitshuchi enables his Earth Element Mountainous Earth!

Naruto calls for a medic when Neji starts to bleed from all places, he starts to talk to Naruto telling him that Hinata is willing to die for you him, therefore he should keep that in mind, this also means that his life is not his anymore. It also includes Neji’s too!

Naruto asks Neji why he would go so far for Naruto, even to sacrifice his life, Neji tells him that that he was called a Genius  At this point, Neji starts to understand the freedom of being able to choose his own death, the mark on his head starts to disappear.

We notice Hinata crying. Obito tells Naruto that he wouldn’t let him kill a single one of his comrades. At the same time, shouting Naruto’s name so he could get his attention. Naruto is seen with a few tear in his eyes while Hinata watches on, at this point, Neji’s life starts to fade away slowly when Naruto 614 ends here.

What a desperate move by Neji, it left him in his dying state, hopefully there is someone somewhere he could at least bring him back to life by saving him while he’s still dying. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 615. hopefully we don’t get to see the sad moments from Neji’s past!


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  1. Linus135

    Not Neji!!! 😦 I was really hoping the Kohona 11 would survive this thing…who knows maybe the 7th path of pain will revive some people like last time, but I feel like Neji is going to stay dead and possibly more by the time this is over. I’m sad


      1. cella

        duh lol. but obito has a rinnegan & he can use the rinne tensei. as he blatanly stated in this chapter. he’s supposed to use it on madara but he’s obviously not madara’s ally & he’s already questioning things in his head.. so we’ll see if he does or not. hopefully he brings neji back!


      1. Linus135

        I hope you’re right. I would like to see all the friends alive at the end of this war..doubtful and I would feel a little cheapened with that outcome, but it would be nice haha Wednesday is one hell of an anticipated day, bleach and naruto 😛


    1. Karen Price

      Masashi, you did not honor your word, I am deeply upset by this development. You were going to keep the series positive and upbeat, what happened? And you said you were not going to kill any of the twelve off as they were crucial to the story. Now the series has become dark and even vicious. To where a lot of us were shocked and hurt by this development, how could you X(


  2. Eragon99

    Why Neji and not Hinata?! He had a tragic life and deserved some happiness, I could accept Hinata’s or Hiashi’s death but not his and not like this, just to make NaruHina a little more believable (yeah, right ‘snort’). That’s it, I quit reading this shit, it’s just like Bleach if not worse!


    1. cella

      i agree it should have been hiashi. this was totally a shock.. neji doesn’t deserve to die so young & with all he’s been through but neither does hinata & she hasn’t had it easy either. naruto obviously cares about her & she’s loved & accepted him for years before anyone else in the whole village. how are they as a couple not believable? even if for some reason you don’t like her which makes no sense.. there’s nothing unrealistic about it at all. she’s not annoying or loud but she’s like the kindest person in the ninjaverse & now that she’s not as shy she totally compliments his personality well. the only person who might possibly be better matched for naruto is sasuke.


    2. Sunite

      I think he finally got his well deserved happiness in the end, plus if he’s saved at this point, it’s likely that he’s not going to have the curse mark in his head as it’s disappeared… Hopefully he’s back but it would be more tragic for him to die as no major character has died yet, unlike Bleach!!


    1. Ronnie

      Chouji is important to Ino Shika Cho formation. Shino and Kiba are apart of the Rookie 9, I have a feeling they all will survive this war, maybe.


    2. Sunite

      Lool, if Kubo was to kill Choji, the author would have had to do a whole new story joining Shikamaru and Ino…. Shino and Kiba might still have some back story which we don’t know about…


  3. Kakashi Roronoa DeadPool Zoro Hatake

    Nnnnnooooooooo stypid author why why neji why :@ i wish it was choji or someone other than him i wish he will be revived as did before with kakashi and the others in pain’s arc.
    Hope :’/


  4. Rai uchiha

    Hyuuga Neji’ll never be forgotten. He’ve lead a free life that his father wanted and yhe died on his free will. May He rest in peace with his father.


  5. Jessica

    No, he can’t die… His my favorite character. Medic!!! Help him quick! no Sakura-chan….I do hope he will come back. if not, i will not watch or read anymore Naruto and as well as never forgiving Kishimoto for killing a very important character. Someone should start a poll on it.


  6. alva552

    Neji CAN’T die!! He’s one of the most important characters… I really hope that he survives, Naruto is not going to be so good to read without Neji 😦
    And I agree, could’t Ino, Shino or someone else character die, instead of Neji? Neji is my absolutely favourite character, and he’s too important! Neeejiiii…


    1. Vio

      I think only the ones with rinnegan could revive the dead. (Not including edo tensei, which is not even a legal jutsu) And Obito obviously won’t do it. At least, maybe not until his dying moments when he decided to do something good and revive everyone? Just guessing..


  7. Vio

    Why would Mashashi choose Neji to be the one that had to die? 😥 he is one of my favourite character… at least, Kakashi came back to life… I’m glad for that one, but I still don’t want Neji to die.. 😦


  8. Vio

    He killed the goods too quick.. well.. those bads.. like Obito.. he deserves to die. Making Kakashi think he was dead, faking his death, he doesn’t deserve to live. But I think Obito’s death will be end of the war. It will eventually happen. But NEJI DOESN’T DESERVE TO DIE


  9. Zack

    I think Naruto shoulde beat the living suit out of Obito (probably within an inch of his life) and force home to bring bac Neji, or he’ll have some one heal him just so he can kick his ass again until he does what he wants!


  10. Team Gai

    Team 9 is the greatest of all. I like Neji Hyuga, it’s just not fair. Why Neji? why not Naruto if U want someone who important to die? He has to come alive again! I really hate this. i feel sad 4 NejiTen.. NejiLee..NejiGai.. & all who love Neji. Fans of Neji Hyuga, keep give support! Please Masashi, don’t let Neji Hyuga died. I like Naruto Anime, those shinobis are great.. but if my favourite characters die, I think i choose not to watch Naruto again


  11. timothy

    nooo come on don’t kill neji if anything kill Shino he isn’t important in fact he is so unimportant that in the beginning of Shippuden Naruto didn’t even recognize him


  12. Alfresco

    I really don’t feel Pity For Neji That Much.Is He So Important? If Hinata Had Died Instead I’d Have Assassinated KISHIMOTO!. Edo tensei can still bring back neji right? he’l look more handsm in edo mode 😀


  13. melody

    i m feeling very sad this is not fair at all, in naruto there is many charcters are not even worthy to be alive,neji is from the most important one in the anime , i’m just keeping wondering why the author done that!!!!!!


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