Mina, The Special Girl – Four Tail’s Appears – Naruto Shippuden 292

The Four Tail Kurama is born The Demon Inside Naruto The Happy Family Hidan and Deidara Edo Tensei Naruto saves Mina Mina saved by Naruto The Evil has lots of eyes Mina's premonition Mina sees a dreamNaruto Shippuden 292 get really interesting and weird at point, hopefully it all comes together later on. We see a number of premonitions and dreams from Mina, both weird and those which make a little sense, the children get depressed missing their parents but Naruto tells them that they’ve already got someone who cares about them Dokku. We also see that the Four Tails from Kurama appears.

Naruto Shippuden 292 begins as Kurama himself looks at Naruto while he sleeps, he notices the snakes around him consuming Naruto’s body, while this happens, Kurama gets up and screams at Naruto, to possibly wake him up from this before he’s completely consumed by the snakes. At this point, Mina wakes up scared she goes to Dokku’s room after the nightmare she had.

We notice Kabuto talking to someone, Kabuto then summons his snakes bringing out the man he had previously kept in the snakes mouth. He takes out a scroll and performs his jutsu, it possibly kills the man. We return to Naruto when he’s seen to be sick and unwell after whats currently going on within him. Mina notices that there’s something going on.

Leo and his friends get ready to learn some self-defense, Naruto is unwell but still goes out to help them. He becomes eager in helping them to get better, his first challenge is for them to run towards the beach. Somewhere else, we notice that Deidara and Hidan are both set by Kabuto to go and kill some other people, they are both pissed at each other, they start fighting when they notice Yamato arrive with Sai and other soldiers.

Somewhere else, we notice that Naruto and the others have reached the beach, Naruto’s tired and seems unwell. Mina looks towards Naruto, she see’s a strange vision in which everything around her is destroyed, there are people running past her, numerous number of explosions which covers her. She starts to fall from the sky when she notices a strange animal like being, it has numerous eyes which are able to fire beams of explosive light. The animal notices Mina and fires towards her, she’s covered with the light, after some time she notices that someones holding her.

It’s Naruto in his Chakra Mode, he seems to be happy to save her, but behind them lies a massive explosion which covers the sky in flames and bright light. She wakes up from the dream. to realize that everyone is playing and tickling Naruto, they’re also building a girls body on top of Naruto. After some time, they realize the number of families around them, the kids with their parents.

They get upset for a moment, when Naruto tells them that they have no reason to be upset because they’ve got their own adopted parents, both Dokku and Shiseru. They look at them, they’re both holding hands, when Dokku realizes that the kids are looking, he let’s go of her arms and looks at the kids. They all start to walk home when the kids start to slowly hold the hands of the Dokku and Shiseru, at the end they all hold hands, even Leo.

They reach the house, Naruto’s still doesn’t feel well. Mina notices in his inner world, that the snakes are taking over Naruto, she then notices the figure of Kurama behind him, saying take it. She returns from the vision to go up to Naruto and say get out, repetitively, it seems that she’s saying Naruto to get out but she’s saying it to the snakes within Naruto.

Shiseru stops Mina, Mina keeps on going when Shiseru snaps and slaps Mina. She starts to cry and Shiseru notices what she’s done is not what she should have done, Mina runs up the stairs crying. Dokku goes to help Mina. After some time, Mina still cries in Dokku’s arms, Shiseru is still upset. Naruto wonders why Mina doesn’t like her. They are above the house, Kabuto watches both of them.

Sakura notices the chief of the village. They arrive at the house and talk to Dokku, Leo and Mina quickly notice that their grand father has returned. He asks Dokku to return the objects he gave him, the silver rods which were given to him, he says that they should be given to the chief for safe keeping.

Mina notices something strange when his grand father asks for the rods, she quickly takes Leo away from him and states that he’s strange. He shows his eyes, Naruto and Sakura quickly notice that he’s been turned into a Edo Tensei. Kabuto notices that Mina is a special girl, he then brings forth some other Edo Tensei users to fight. They all start fighting.

Naruto gets pretty badly beaten, he then start to react to something, Mina knows that there is something bad about whats going on. She gets confident and quickly goes to Naruto and starts saying Get out, repeating it as much as she can. She gets some kind of power, her hair lifts up, she says it once more when Naruto starts to puke a large puddle of numerous snakes. They all go towards one direction when Kurama’s Four Tail form is formed.

Kabuto tries to get the Four Tails by placing his tag, it enters his mind but the control he has over the beast doesn’t work. Kabuto backs off after the Four Tails tries to attack him. He’s possibly lost control of his own Edo Tensei. The Four Tails first attacks Sakura with just one shot, it then goes for Naruto, attacking him with multiple kicks and swings. It screams out load when Naruto Shippuden 292 ends here.

An awesome chapter, the Four Tails could not have been my first guess for what would have been the product of Orochimaru’s snakes and Kurama’s Chakra, I thought it would actually be a mutated Orochimaru with a lot more power, but still that was a nice and crazy episode, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 293, titled “Power – Episode 4”, when Naruto seems to be consumed by Kurama, Guy and Lee also show up, the Ino-Shika-Cho team appear, Tenten and Neji also.

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