In The Nude – Hinata Hyuga

You may be surprised at how awesome and beautiful the image of Hinata Hyuga above is. It may not fully look like the Hinata we know in the anime and manga of Naruto, but it’s one heck of a great portrait of her, she may not be seen nude here but the image suggests she is, so we’ll with it. Although this image shows her more innocent and caring side, she’s also seen as strong-willed just like Naruto.

You might have thought that you’d actually see a nude Hinata, well sorry to disappoint you but the artist may have named this image as she did because of the fact that Hinata is a pure soul with nothing to hide, she knows she loves Naruto with all her heart, all she needs is the courage to tell him, thus giving the impression that she can do almost anything!

The fantastic image was drawn and fantastically colored in by Gavryll. Go and check her fantastic artwork of many other different anime’s.

There are 2 comments

  1. Gavryll

    Hey! Thank you!
    By the way you totally got it right~
    I wanted to depict a more raw side of her… not so much as a ninja… but as the pure and loving character she is 🙂

    Thanks again for the feature!


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