Natsu defeats Brain – Lucy is Saved – Fairy Tail 150

Fairy Tail 150 sees the end of the arc as we finally see the epic fight between Brain and Natsu end. The Infinity Castle has also been taken over by Lucy. She’s completely molded herself with it. Cobra, whose name is Erik, finds Kinana with Cuberos, he’s been taken in by the Council!

Fairy tail 150 starts out while Lucy is crying by herself. She is helped by Michelle who is always watching over her. At this point everyone is trying their hardest but can’t seem to cut all of the chains down. Although they keep on going.

Natsu and Brain are still going at it. They keep on fighting, Klodoa faces both Romeo and Elfman. Natsu tells them to try their best. Somewhere else we see that Cobra notices Kinana near him watching. Brain tells Natsu that his flames will never burn him, no matter what.

Brain enables his Genesis Zero which creates soul like things which suck Natsu into the world of the darkness where he’s going to be trapped forever. At this moment, Lucy remember memories of her past, Michelle tells Lucy that she had so much fun, Lucy is reminded that she was in fact a doll, and that after her mother’s death, Lucy had completely changed.

She had stopped talking to Michelle altogether. We now see that Jude is covering up all the things he’s had. He tells the doll of Michelle that Lucy has changed and that he doesn’t know how to talk to Lucy anymore. He then asks for the doll to become Lucy’s little sister.

Michelle also tells the story when Brain had arrived and gave her life. She had to use Jude in order to get him to give her the Clock Hand, she felt very bad about it. They both had a lot of fun working together. He kept on working all his life.

Till the day in his death-bed, Jude tells Michelle to take back the Clock Part and find Lucy to give it to her. Jude also tells Michelle that he hopes that she can become her little sister, it was as though he knew that she was Michelle. She notices this and cries after the comment.

Lucy starts hearing the voices of Erza, Gray, Wendy and the others. While Natsu is trapped, he says that he’s going to try his best to get out and help her. Lucy gets more courage’s and tries to help everyone. At this point Natsu gets all fired up, Lucy starts molding herself with the clock, sh is controlling it herself.

Natsu bursts out of the Darkness and punches Brain right in the face. Brain also gets ready and they keep on going head to head. Klodoa escapes from the place. Natsu and Brain keep on punching and using their own power to defeat each other.

Brain starts by powering up. Natsu is also getting ready by stretching his arm. They meet in the contact. Levy and the others find out that there is some other evidence to saving Lucy. Natsu starts to crack Brain’s body, from his arms to his face, his body starts to decay. Natsu keeps on hitting him.

Natsu finally defeats Brain! He realizes that his philosophy was wrong. Everyone finds out that Lucy has completely bonded herself with the Infinity Castle. She won’t be able to change back when Warren tells them that there is a way. Levy and Jean-Luc tell them that the only way now is to remake the bio-links once again.

Lucy agrees and will do anything to get back as she’s part of Fairy Tail she’ll do anything to save people as well as get back. She starts doing it when she receives some help from Michelle. A bright lights goes up to the skies and scatters.

Kinana and Cobra are talking, he notices that Cuberos could be inside her, or that she is Cuberos but doesn’t realizes it. She asks for her name, he says Erik. Lahar and Doranbolt arrive, they are there to arrest Cobra. Kinana starts reacting to the situation, her arms turn all purple.

Cobra hears Doranbolt and Lahar’s thoughts and agrees, he doesn’t want to fight anymore. He denies knowing Kinana because she could get into trouble if she was known to know Cobra. As he walks away, Kinana realizes that it was in fact Erik who had called her, he considers her as a friend.

Natsu wakes up on top of the Kanaloa, they are travelling to find where Lucy is. Natsu’s nose quickly picks up Lucy’s scent and he quickly runs as fast as he can when he jumps to catch Lucy! He somewhat fails as she falls on top of him. They are all fine now. She repairs the picture and keeps Michelle close to her, she also finishes her book. Fairy Tail 150 ends here.

That was certainly a very touching episode, it was also awesome to see that this filler arc has finally finished. I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 151, titled “Sabertooth”, episode where we finally carry on with normal manga arcs. We find out who the current most powerful guild is, which is currently Sabertooth.

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