Obito merges with Zetsu – Naruto 603

Naruto 603 shows some changes in Obito, his will to be with Kakashi and Rin is still strong but he starts to get used to his new body as well as starts to like the Zetsu’s which he’s living with. He also receives some help from Zetsu which allows him to stand properly as well as wear one of them as an outside protective cast.

Naruto 603 starts off as Obito asks two Zetsu’s how long he’s been here from when he’s arrived, it seems like a long time for him. They reply that he doesn’t need to worry because he’s not going to be charged for rent, they reveal that they were made by the Demonic Statue so they don’t need to eat, pay bills or go to the bathroom. They don’t need to take any dump.

Obito tells them not to refer Obito as one of them even if half of his body is like them. They reveal to Obito that because he’s got that he’s going to survive as well as not need food or water, so he should be thanking them instead of complaining. Zetsu’s are the ones that don’t want to be the same as Obito as he’s only a modified body.

Zetsu’s also reveal to him that they’re much better than him in both Vocab and Wisdom, Obito asks them to prove it. They equally say that they’re watching over them, they were ordered by Madara to help Obito with his Rehabilitation and to make sure that they would be useful by the time Madara wakes up.

Obito reveals that he’s going to bust out of this place no matter what to go to Rin and Kakashi. Zetsu tells them that he cannot because there are no exits, after bringing Obito there, Madara had placed a large rock on the entrance. Zetsu quickly changes the topic to reveal that Obito sleep talks and says Rin’s and Bakakashi quite a lot.

One of the Zetsu’s asks how it feels to take a dump because they’re unable to. Obito quickly tells Zetsu that they’re both Bakakashi for asking such a question. Zetsu’s get no response so they move on to ask about Rin and Bakakashi, Obito doesn’t reply, he tells them that he hates the spirally Zetsu, he then asks where the White Zetsu has gone.

They tell him that he’s gone out to get some more intel. Obito realizes that they can go outside, one of the Zetsu’s tells him that they can move through the Earth, Obito tells them that he’s not going to get himself stuck in this hole forever, having such conversations. The Zetsu’s apologies for asking them about taking dumps.

Obito tells them that he’s talking about Madara, the Zetsu’s reveal that he doesn’t like talking to children, they also reveal that he plans to remove all the sadness in the world leaving behind the good bits, just like a dream. He plans to use a Genjutsu and force everyone to hop in, with Madara’s powers he’s able to do anything he wishes.

As Obito tries to get out of that place he start to remember other memories when he was with his with Rin, Kakashi and Minato. This helps him to keep on walking. As he nearly collapses, one of the Zetsu’s catches him. Obito is now looking at a photo of when he kisses a picture of Rin.

At this point, Obito is able to stand up in his new body. He’s also about to use the wood style on his ride side. He’s also able to balance properly on his right side. He keeps on training, reminding himself of older memories to help him grow stronger. He remembers of a moment when Rin helps him, she also tells him that she’s going to look after him.

At this point, Obito’s hair has grown, he’s gotten much more used to his new body, he just need to keep on going just a little more until he can get back to Rin and Kakashi. One of the Zetsu’s comes out and quickly tells Obito that both Rin and Bakakashi are in trouble. He asks what happens, Zetsu reveals that they’re surrounded by the Hidden Mist Ninja’s.

Obito goes on to hit a wall, it instantly breaks of his arm and he’s hurt. Zetsu tells him that he can’t break boulders with his body yet. Obito tells Zetsu that he needs to help Rin and Kakashi as soon as possibly. Zetsu’s body starts to unravel when he says to wear his body to help Kakashi and Rin.

Zetsu’s body gets Obito in it, it starts to get closer and closer to him. Obito asks if they’re suppose to serve Madara, one of the Zetsu’s says that he’s a good boy, the Zetsu who helps Obito asks him if he wants to save Rin and Kakashi. Obito doesn’t answer, he just says that he’s thankful to them for helping him. Naruto 603 ends here.

That was such an awesome chapter. I personally think that during next week’s chapter, Rin is likely to die because Kakashi was unable to help her even when he could. Also next week’s Naruto 604 is going to include some colored pages. Can’t wait for it!

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    1. Sunite

      Well I think the Zetsu’s asked the question to push Obito into merging with Zetsu so he could get stronger and fight to save both Kakashi and Rin.. this would allow for Zetsu and Obito to build trust and ultimately Obito would be with Madara.. plus Zetsu’s plan was to get Obito to do Madara’s biddings..


    1. Sunite

      Thats a good question, It could have been either… but when he was playing with Naruto and the others, I personally think it was Zetsu because of how quick he changed from one branch to the other..


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