Go To Sleep, Child – Gaara & Shukaku

If you can remember the fight Naruto had with Gaara during the point when Sasuke wanted to fight him but wasn’t able to because of his curse mark, then you’d know how fantastically epic that fight was. Also this image makes a lot more sense if you can remember that fight!

A reminder of that fight was that Gaara was pushed into bringing his Tailed Beast out, this meant that Gaara had to go into a deep sleep, referring to the title of the image. Once Gaara went to sleep, the Tailed Beast, Shukaku would take over his own body and use it to its fullest potential, he would be able to do anything he wanted. This lead to a fantastic battle between them!

The awesome image was drawn by Katakiari, she’s got some other fantastic fan art of other Naruto characters which you should definitely check!

There are 4 comments

  1. deucee9s2wylde

    That was definitely one for the books. That fight ranks up there with Naruto-vs-Pain. Naruto caught me off guard when they did a combined transformation into the Kyubii. They literally changed the landscape with that battle. The way Gaara began the transformation was pretty nuts. Barely catching a glimpse of the eye of Shukaku while he was still in the sand sphere heightened the suspense during his match with Sasuke. Further transforming while they fought in the woods and finally releasing the Shukaku the Sand Spirit….. Please excuse me while I go watch it again. Laterz y’all.


    1. Sunite

      Haha yeah i’ve seen that fight a couple of times myself, and yeah it was a great a fight, Gaara has turned out into such an awesome character now, I’m still surprised that he’s a Kage.


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