Hollow Ichigo’s Captain Arrancar Form

Have you ever wondered what Hollow Ichigo would look like if he was the captain of the First Squad as well be the in his full Hollow Form? Well the artist of this image has certainly gone a head and created such an awesome image of a bad ass version of Ichigo’s form!

Ichigo’s above form looks awesome, I presume if anyone did want to mess with Hollow Ichigo in this form, it would be the end of them! Even a still image like such creates such an aggressive image which points to only that Hollow Ichigo is such a powerful guy!

The image above was drawn by aConst, they’ve certainly spent some time making it, plus they’ve got some other fantastic artwork which you should definitely check out!

There are 4 comments

    1. Sunite

      I too also hope for his full form to appear because it’s been such a long time since it’s appeared as you mentioned… Lol yeah I think Ichigo’s intentions weren’t to become a captain, only to protect his friends and family and If he sticks to that then good on him 🙂


  1. deucee9s2wylde

    With the exception of a few minor alterations, this looks like the full hollow form that Tensa Zangetsu pulled out of Ichigo when he was trying to learn the Final Getsugatensho. I think the only differences are the collar, the hair and the Squad 1 insignia on the back. This really is an aggressively intimidating look for him. I hope to see his hollow form in this arc. I haven’t seen him use it since he got his powers back.


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