The Village’s Hero, Gildarts Clive – Fairy Tail 299

Fairy Tail 299 is pretty funny! It’s a nice change from the constant fights, plus Fairy Tail 300 will resume with the fights. We see Gildarts in his journey when he saves a young girl from these monster, his help is asked by the village to kill a monster, he does so, he also destroys the village when he falls down.

Fairy Tail 299 begins as Gildarts is walking, he falls tired when he notices some noise coming over from after the rocks. He sees a girl being captured by some monsters surrounding her. He quickly falls into action as he’s eyes turn into love heart. He steps in and the monsters also run, surprisingly the girl is scared and also runs away.

He reaches a village where he finds that everyone there is depressed, they are not happy at all. Some baskets of apples falls, Gildarts notices and it’s the girl from before. She says that she wants to thank him and say sorry for running away from him.

She also introduces him to the village head. He’s greeted by everyone and told the problem of why they’re unhappy. They show him the damage done by him. He looks at everyone’s faces and quickly agrees to help.

He goes to a cave where he notices a large animal like humanoid, it has a large hat with a large body. It’s happy to see Gildarts there as it’s going to try to kill him. Gildarts is happy to see it. The monster strikes but misses. Gildarts hits the monster with one strike and it’s quickly finished!

The villagers are happy to see that Gildarts has defeated the monster, he also brought back the hat. They are all cheering. They give him some more sake, he looks at the girls dancing in front of him, the girl he saved is also by his side. She tells him something, he’s shocked by what she said.

Gildarts is happy and he’s likely to follow her. A kid asks Gildarts to come with him to watch the screen, to watch the fight. Gildarts notices the fights which Erza did, as well as what Cana did. He enjoys his time, he starts to get rowdy and starts to make everyone else unhappy. He’s cheering for Cana!

He cries after finding out that she had won. He starts to run around in circles after finding out that Cana won. The villagers are shocked by the rowdy nature of Gildarts. Gildarts falls down by a small rock. As he falls down, the ground itself is split into many pieces as he doesn’t really have control over his powers.

The villagers kick him out of the village. Gildarts get’s up with a smile, he is proud of his daughter that she had won such a powerful event. As well as coming second from Erza in the competition.  He continues on his travels. Fairy Tail 299 ends here!

That was an amusing chapter! A funny chapter on Gildarts was certainly needed, even though he’s overpowered, its nice for him to joke around, plus it’s awesome to see how he can just accidentally change the nature of the soil beneath him! Can’t wait for next week’s chapter when we’ll get full color pages for Fairy Tail 300th chapter, titled “Where the Dragon’s Soul Rests”.

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