Reborn Oracion Seis Appears! – Infinity Clock Stolen – Fairy Tail 140

Fairy Tail 140 quickly begins from last week’s episode as the Oracion Seis appear as the new evil to face the Legion and Fairy Tail. They resemble some very old character which was taken into jail but escaped with the help of someone. Fairy Tail and the others wake up at the base of Blue Pegasus to find out that they were all knocked out. They go to chase back the clock.

We start Fairy Tail 140 as the Oracion Seis appear in front of the Fairy Tail and Legion as the Reborn Oracion Seis, Midnight has renamed himself as Brain II, after his father had died he had taken up his name and challenge. He tells them that their mission is over, at this point the Infinity Clock mysteriously activates.

Natsu, Dan and Byro all attack, Brain starts off his attack by using his magic which targets Dan. He tries to use his shield but fails as the new sort of power wasn’t able to repel it. Byro is next, Brain also does the same to him, unfortunately Byro wasn’t able to repel Brain’s magic.

Brain explains that the clock is now theirs and they can do nothing about it because they won’t be able to do anything about it. Fairy Tail and Lucy are told that they had danced in the palms of Oracion Seis hand because they obtained all the parts for no reason because it was going to get stolen by them sooner or later.

Natsu quickly attacks but are stopped by Erigor, a person who used to use Wind magic but now uses Storm magic to eliminate and stop Natsu’s fire attack. Erigor now calls himself the Grim reaper. The Oracion Seis reveal that they have a grand plan which they want to make happen, thus they should defeat everyone here and get on with it.

But before that Brain tells Cobra and Racer to get into action as they’ll be eliminating them in no time. Erza, Natsu and Gray get ready to go, but it seems that Racers speed and power have increased considerably! Cobra is also facing Wendy and Carla, they can’t move because of the overpowering feeling.

Natsu tries to attack Cobra but he uses his magic which allows him to affect everything around him, creating a large explosion which hurts everyone there. Dan asks for him from Coco to find a way to get out of there. Racer eliminates everyone he face. Erigor or Grim Reaper also defeats Erza and Gray.

Dan tries to help everyone but notices that Angel, is too beautiful and quickly goes to her. He’s shocked and they all lose. Fairy Tail are all defeated. Angel now shows her magic, Happy states that she use to use Celestial Spirits but now she’s moved on to move powerful Angel Magic.

She puts 3 coins above her and a large amount of light shines on everyone! A white angel light person or being which has 3 faces shown, but it could be 4 as one could be at the back, it has wings just like an angel, it’s called Barakiel as stated by Angel. It shines on everything and it seems everyone looses the match.

Samuel, Hughes and Sugerboy notice the large explosion from far away. Samuel says that something wrong was going to happen because there is a large amount of evil present within that point of that explosion.

At the National Council Fiore Branch, they notice that the members of Oracion Seis have escaped. They also notice that the Fairy Tail guild have somehow been involved. Org reveals that Makarov is back to Fairy Tail, the frog like creatures are surprised because when he’s around there is always going to be chaos. Lahar appears to tell them that the members of Oracion Seis have disappeared and could be in the desert. Someone could be behind this as a member of Zentopia church could have helped them get out.

Natsu wakes up at the Blue Pegasus guild where he gained some well needed sleep. Everyone else also seems to have gotten their sleep and are okay. The Blue Pegasus reveal that they had saved them from desert as they were all unconscious there.

Michelle is seen at a church crying as she blames herself for bringing the clock to Lucy. She blames herself for causing everyone to get hurt. As Lucy gives her a hug for support Lucy realizes something very important. She asks herself why she was entrusted the clock, and the idea of reading the book once more clicks.

Asuka had previously read the book, she doesn’t like the book because of what happens in it. She tells her mother and father that everyone is making a mistake and that they shouldn’t be collecting the pieces, it says in the book not to collect them. Lucy reads it also and realizes the same! She cries because they were doing the right opposite by collecting. The imagery was also warning them.

Lucy says that she’s sorry. Natsu quickly dismisses it by saying that she doesn’t need to worry because her father was also being very unclear about it. She wouldn’t have known what to do but to collect them to find out what would happen. Ichiya tells Lucy that everyone makes mistakes but their friends are there to pick them right up.

Ichiya reminds Lucy that she has some great friends who adore her. At Zentopia, Byro wants to the see archbishop but it stopped by Rapowant who denies access to them archbishop because there is something currently going on. Byro is not happy about it because he needs to inform them that the Oracion Seis have the Infinity Clock, Rapowant reveals that he already knows this.

Rapowant reveals that they need to do a new job for the archbishop. Coco is currently very scared because she’s going to be tortured because she had previously betrayed the Legion by her actions. Suddenly a large clock sound appears which allows for everyone to hear it. Everyone can hear it. Fairy Tail 140 ends here.

Another great addition to Fairy Tail’s awesome arc. That was certainly an awesome episode. There is still a lot more left to the story and hopefully we’ll get to the fights very soon. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 141 episode when the adventures continues with Gildarts as well as everyone of Fairy Tail, it’s titled “Hunt Down the Infinity Clock!”.

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  1. shoutout

    where can i get to watch the following animes slam dunk, bleach and fairy tail. previously i used pps to watch them but seems to me that pps doesn’t update these animes. I want to watch the new arc for bleach n the following episodes i stoped at 100 for slam dunk and 120 at fairy tail ! hlp pls !!!


    1. Sunite

      Hey, hmm I’m sure you can use any websites like or any similar sites. Currently Bleach’s Final arc has not been produced into anime and so its hard to guess when it’s going to come.


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