Stolen Bankai’s – Fear Upon Soul Society – Bleach 496

A fantastic Bleach 496 Chapter begins as Toshiro, Byakuya, Komamura and Soi Fong reach out to the enemy to fight them with their Bankai’s! Byakuya states that this is the only way for them to fight the Sternritter because they seem really powerful! The Captains learn that the Sternritter have the ability to seal their Bankai, but find out that their Bankai’s are actually being stolen from them!

We Kajoumaru Hidetomo face up to one of the unnamed Sternritter. Kajoumaru tells the Sternritter to stop because he wont let him go any further than this. The Sternritter tells him that if he fears him, then he doesn’t care if he runs away, but for the Shinigami’s the Sternritter has no point in warning them of when they’ll be attacked because he absolutely hates all Shinigami. Kajoumaru tells the Quincy to not the 13th Squad because they’re going to stop him.

The Quincy tells Kajoumaru that he’s full of fear and that he has no control of what’s going to happen because the current situation is a life and death situation. As the Quincy speaks, Kajoumaru trembles in fear as he starts to sweat and becomes even more consumed by his fear. Out of nowhere, he lifts his sword and tries to attack the Quincy, he goes from the front and fails as the Quincy has already cut him without even moving or lifting a sword or hand.

Renji notices what Byakuya has said, he tells Byakuya that he wasn’t going to show any mercy because of what had happened in their courts. Byakuya mentions that there unjustful bastards has killed Sasakibe in front of Yamamoto. As Nodt steps forward, Byakuya tells him not too move because then Byakuya could get him with his blades. Renji mentions that it’s impossible to cut him.

Byakuya’s blades surround As Nodt and tells him that it’s not true. As Nodt notices in shock that he’s hand is bleeding, Renji is also surprised that Byakuya was able to cut him. The second Quincy member which is there warns As Nodt to what he’s doing because Byakuya clearly broke their Blood Coat. Byakuya tells this second member not to move because after some moments he falls down into the ground. Byakuya has made it so any movement would make the ground break and the person would fall.

Byakuya tells Renji that this is a 2 versus 1 match, Byakuya’s Senbonzakura retracts and becomes a sword once more. He tells him, if his Bankai were to be sealed away by the Quincy, Renji would use his Bankai in order to help him. Renji is surprised by the request because this is what Vice-Captain Sasakibe has said. Renji agrees and tells Byakuya that he should use his something else. This something else isn’t mentioned because Byakuya quickly tells Renji that the only way to defeat them is with their Bankai’s.

Komamura tells Testuzaemon Iba the same thing. Toshiro tells Rangiku Matsumoto the same thing because they want to find a way to break that seal which they have gotten. Soi Fong tells Marechiyo Omaeda the same thing. They all enable their Bankai’s. Byakuya with his Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, Komamura with his Kokujyou Tengen Myou’ Ou’. Soi Fong with her Jaku Hou Raikou Ben and Toshiro with his Dai Guren Hyourimaru! All the Quincies take out a circular object.

It seems as though it has activated as it’s pulling all the Captain’s Bankai’s away! Byakuya notices that As Nodt has sucked his Byakuya within that circular object! He notices that what has happened is not a Sealing Technique! As Nodt does a very scary yet wicked smile. Byakuya notices that their Bankai’s have been Stolen!! Bleach 496 ends here!

What an awesome finding! It’s crazy how powerful these Quincies are compared to what Uryu is! The captains are currently hopeless because their precious Bankai’s have been taken from them! It’ll be interesting to see what’ll happen during next week’s Bleach 497, and what the Captains are likely to do to even get close to defeating these Sternritter!

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  1. Hermann

    Nice chapter review, although it is a pain to read as a German. The plural form of the irregular word “Ritter” is the same as the singular in German (regular plural ending is “-n”/”-en”/”-er”). Furthermore one mostly cannot simply merge two words like “Stern” [star] and “Ritter” [knight/chevalier] like one could in English, e.g. star knight, without adding anything. The correct way to merge “Stern” with a second noun is to add “-en” (see Sternenhimmel, Sternenkinder). This yields, the correct word is “Sternenritter”.

    I assume the author of Bleach did not know German well enough to do it correctly, thus the “Sternritter” is a very wide spread term in the Bleachcommunity nowadays. But please do not do the mistake with the plural -s in your further reviews, that is.

    Greetings from Germany, take care.


    1. Sunite

      Thanks for the awesome comment. I’ve been having some issues with the Quincies because of the German words such as Sternritter or if it is Stern Ritter. I don’t know how to Speak, Read, Write German so I’m clueless and have to depend on the power Google Translate.

      I’ve been seeing “Stern Ritter” and “Sternritter” on many manga’s now and it’s possible that the translators got it wrong assuming if it’s Sternenritter. Google Translate suggests that its Sternenritter also. So I’m a little unsure If I should completely change from Sternritter to Sternenritter or Stern Ritter because consistency matters.

      Also, Thank you for the for the mistake with the plural -s, I’ve fixed them! 🙂


  2. M3llo

    Awsome those quicy do look like a pain in the ass . Byakuya’s a smart man he’ll find a way to fight Renji’s there too . Also they steal their bankai wonder if their going to use their bankai agaisnt them .


    1. Sunite

      Yeah, agree. These Quincies look as though they have no weak point. Even Ichigo against Kirge Opie is hard because he’s just a mere captain while these are the Stern Ritter. And yes, Byakuya is a clever fellow. I think it’s possible for the Quincies to use their own bankai against them because that is how Sasakibe was killed, with a large sword type think that stabbed him?


  3. Zla

    Captains got trolled like a boss. You wont see Byakuya scared like that very often. I suppose there is no chance for them to win so i after all this i expect a retreat to human world. At least some of them will manage to escape. 😛

    I am not sure if it only seals Bankai or the whole zanpakto….can they use shikai?


    1. Sunite

      I personally think the same, they are going to lose, and lose badly at that! There’s going to be a lot of casualties and thus driving the Royal Guards out, this will require for them to win and supposedly they will win…

      I think they can use Shikai yes, but only bankai’s been stolen… although it’s to determine if Byakuya has anything to fight with except his hand because his Bankai is based on his sword being swollen by the ground…


      1. Zla

        That or only the phyisical form of the sword is maintained. I still think that Sasakibe couldnt use even shikai when his bankai got stollen. Also hope that the Sternritters can actually use the bankais. Sebonzakura vs Byakuya…brings back memories from the Zanpakto rebellion arc…


        1. Sunite

          hah yeah that was a good arc. I think that As Nodt got happy because he obtained such a powerful bankai and he’ll probably use it somehow…
          If i remember correctly, Sasakibe was stabbed by a large spear like object which could have been his Bankai attacking him. He also had his own sword in his hand… Kind of disappointing that he didn’t get much screen time as he was a vice captain..


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