Shattered Angel – Ichigo and Hichigo’s Prom Night – Bleach

I’ve never seen both Ichigo and Ichigo’s Inner Self, Hichigo so calm. Both Ichigo and Hichgo pull off an impressive look as they are both ready to go to Prom. Possibly with a date, Orihime for Ichigo and Rukia for Hichigo would do just fine. The fact that both are the same, but Ichigo wears black with a white tie and Hichigo wears white with a black tie reminds me of their fights and how they are total opposites.

What do you think about the image above? Also, who do you think each of them would go to prom with?

The fantastic image above was drawn by the amazing artist, DivineImmortality, you should definitely check her because she’s got some fantastic fan art from Bleach and other Animes.

What do you think?

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