Kabuto’s Childhood of Nothing – Naruto 582

We dig dipper into Kabuto’s past as he tells Itachi and Sasuke about he’s past and how he didn’t have anything. Itachi is badly injured as Kabuto uses the Muki Tensei. Kabuto’s past reveals that he was just found under a tree, with a head injury. He was saved by the kind Hyoko.

We start the manga chapter with Sasuke somewhat shocked that there’s another technique which is just like the Izanagi, the Izanami. Kabuto tells Itachi that he doesn’t care what he’s intentions are but any technique which he uses isn’t going to work against him. Kabuto mocks both Itachi and Sasuke that they still don’t know who he is.

Kabuto uses the Hermit Technique Muki Tensei which literally means Inorganic Reincarnation. The walls which have a type of spike ends start to close in on Itachi which severely injures him badly, he had used the Susanoo to protect Sasuke from getting hit. Kabuto see’s what Itachi did and tells them that he’s not there to injure Sasuke as he’s going to be Kabuto’s specimen.

Kabuto brings out a kunai with a paper which is there to replace the current one within  Itachi. It will allow Kabuto to regain control. As Kabuto arrives, Sasuke quickly releases he’s Amaterasu which allows him to create a defensive measure giving both of them to catch their breath. Kabuto boasts himself as being very powerful and that he’s going to win against the Uchiha.

Sasuke shouts out that he doesn’t know anything about the Uchiha, Itachi stops him as he’s just being angered by Kabuto to trip them into making a mistake. Itachi tells Kabuto that he reminds him of his past, and for that reason he will lose. Kabuto tells them that he is the center of the war and that he’s been controlling the Akatsuki by the nose.

Itachi goes on a bit of a rant on how he used to live as a spy and after changing he’s ways of being a spy, he’s been seeing things clearly and that he is able to have many comrades helping him out with things he isn’t able to do himself.

We move onto the past where Kabuto tells he’s true story of how he was found. He was found under a tree, outside a town which was the place of a war. A woman with the name of Hyoko helps he’s injury to the head as she has some knowledge of Medical Ninjutsu. He is taken back to a house which had many other kids which had nothing.

He didn’t know he’s own name or parents. Hyoko tells him that he’s going to live there from now on and regard Hyoko as his mother. She also gives him a name, Kabuto. Kabuto smiles and laughs a little to show that he likes his name.

Some time passes and he’s trying to sleep but can’t. He finds some people outside talking about how they haven’t got enough money to support the house as well as the children. To provide themselves with food and cloths. Kabuto hears this, as he tries to go back to sleep, he falls over and is quickly found. At this moment, the other lady scares Kabuto, but Hyoko comforts Kabuto.

As he’s new, they face a cloth to teach him a lesson of how he should be a sleep. He is told to read the clock but isn’t able to see it as he squints he’s eyes. Hyoko notices this and gives him her glasses to try. He tells them the time and they are somewhat impressed that he’s able to read the time at his age.

As he goes to remove the glasses to give them back to Hyoko, she grabs he’s hand and places the tips of the temples behind he’s ear. At this point, he feels the love and start to get teary and cries. He repeats thanks you multiple times. Grown up Kabuto mentions that he’s name is a code, he’s glasses are tools and that he’s been a no one from the very start. The chapter ends here.

That was a nice story of how Kabuto was found and made home as well as make friends. Hopefully within next week’s Naruto 583, we’ll see the Izanami being released by Itachi and Sasuke. Kabuto’s gonna get he’s ass kicked.


There are 2 comments

  1. Paprika

    Ah another nice chapter. One thing I love about Kishimoto sensei is that all his characters are justified… I think that’s really nice!! =) and sugoi means great/awesome/good 😀


    1. Sunite

      Ohh right lol, thanks 🙂
      Yeah the chapter was good, but it didn’t really appeal to me. I was expecting them to show Izanami and how amazing it is. Hopefully we’ll see it next week…


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