Team 7 Formed – Meeting – Naruto Shippuden 257

This week’s Naruto Shippuden is unfortunately a filler. However this episode has enhanced repeats of past episode with better action as well as better draw background and characters. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Naruto gains his head band as well as Team 7 being formed. They go through the bell test with Kakashi and pass with flying colors. They start their first mission while Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are quickly attacked, Kakashi saves and kicks the enemies asses.

The episode starts with Naruto, as always playing pranks as well as causing trouble for everyone around him. Third Hokage visits him to give some money for the him to buy the necessary things. Naruto asks why he doesn’t have any parents, The Third just tells him that it’s unnecessary for him to tell him this since it was such a long time ago.

Both Naruto and Sasuke are put into the same class. Sasuke is told to make a Shadow Clone, as Naruto becomes angered, he tries to punch one of the clone but the clone turns into steam and he hits the tree. Everyone laughs at him.

As time goes on, Naruto starts to request matches with everyone, and every time he looses. At this point he faces Sasuke. The current situation is different as when Naruto is beat, he notices in Sasuke’s eyes that all the anger he has is not for Naruto but for someone else, possibly his brother Itachi.

Afterwards, Naruto notices Sasuke go into the entrance of the Uchiha Clan, where he finds  it to be close since Itachi, his brother, had killed all his comrades. Naruto in class hears that the other children are talking about how Sasuke is the only survivor of the Uchiha Clan.

Naruto finally gains his own head band since he has now become a Genin. Team 7 meet with Kakashi. He tells them that they have an exercise the day after which will determine if they pass or fail their classe.

The next day, Kakashi explains that they have to get the two balls which will allow them to pass. The clock starts and both Sakura and Sasuke go to hide. Only Naruto stays to fight. He starts by trying to punch but he’s moves are all blocked. At one point, Kakashi pokes his fingers into Naruto’s ass which launches into the air and to a pond nearby. Naruto sends a few clones to grab Kakashi but fails ultimately.

Sasuke and Sakura also fail since their moves unable to get even near him. But Sasuke was able to touch one of the bells. Naruto cheats as he just wants to eat and is quickly captured. They all have failed.

Kakashi explains that they have another chance for them to gain the bells in the afternoon. If they want to take on the challenge, they must eat their lunch, but Naruto must get none of it. Sasuke and Sakura both accept the challenge and they start eating.

Naruto, hungry as ever, starts to cringe as his stomach starts to crave for food. Sasuke thinks about what Kakashi had said, and gives Naruto food despite Kakashi said not too. Sakura agrees and also gives him her food.

Out of nowhere, Kakashi comes and tells them that have passed. As people who break the rules are scum. But people who abandon their friends, are worse than scum. They pass and for the first time, they take a group picture with all four of them there.

During the start of their first mission, two very powerful Mist ninja’s capture Kakashi and slice him in pieces. Out of nowhere, Sasuke start by protecting Naruto, as he’s the next victim for them. After a few moments, Kakashi comes out from nowhere as he captures both of Mist ninjas within seconds! The slices up Kakashi was just a Shadow Clone.

Naruto notices how calm and cool Sasuke has stayed within that situation. He get’s really angered as well as upset and tells himself how he wasn’t able to do anything in that situation. Naruto stabs his own left hand and tells himself that he wont put himself into that kind of situation where he’s helpless, he swears it on the pain of his left hand. The Episode ends here.

That was a good episode. It was a filler, but personally it was very quick from previous episode as it showed quite a lot of things in one from all the other old Naruto episodes. Also some new bits were included to make sure it wasn’t just a repeat of past episodes. Keep in mind that there are 3 more filler episodes left. Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 258 will be named Rivals.

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    1. Sunite

      loool, I literally didn’t have any respect for what i wrote lol, i just wrote as the episode came loool, sorry, i should really read what I write and if it actually makes any sense. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more typos in it lol


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