Sasuke vs Naruto – You Ready For The Fight?

After Sasuke left to join Orochimaru, Naruto and friends have been out to get him back. Specially within the later Naruto Shippuden Anime, Naruto hasn’t sat still on getting Sasuke back. Naruto vs Sasuke, is going to be epic, it’s probably going to be the last fight within the anime and manga, so it has to be fantastic fight.

My question to you, How awesome do you think the fight between Naruto and Sasuke going to be?

The amazing image above was drawn by the amazing artist, Yunho-Jaejoong. You should check their work out. They have some amazing work so you should check them out. Use the comment box to tell me your opinion on the battle between Naruto and Sasuke.


There are 3 comments

  1. Paprika

    ummm…. I don’t think Naruto vs Sasuke will ever happen o.O Kishimoto-Sensei has values 😉 What I think more probable is that Sasuke might be injured/die in the process of saving Naruto… =( that’s what I think.


    1. Sunite

      I had also the same opinion, but this fight is so expected that to raise the value of the anime/manga he might have to draw the fight.. But the thing about Sasuke always being good might be what Naruto is all about…


  2. 64871

    I have to disagree. Naruto and Sasuke are classic opponents – the positive and the negative force of the whole story. This fight just has to happen for this fight is all what the manga Naruto is about. The hard work against genetical heritage, friends over loneliness, love over hatred.


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