Remember Me? Will Hichigo Appear Once Again?

Is it me or have your forgot about one of the most powerful characters within the world of Bleach? Who could forget Inner Ichigo or Hichigo which literally means Hollow Ichigo. The latest and last Bleach Arc has started in the manga, while anime is about to start soon.

We haven’t seen Hichigo in a while, the last time was when Ichigo was training to obtain the power of the Final Getsuga Tensho. Even then Hichigo was really powerful with the mask he had which literally scared the hell out of Ichigo. Hichigo had always helped Ichigo at times when he needed help, for example he had given him the Hollow Mask which increased his powers dramatically.

My question to you, Do you guys think Hichigo will appear once more to help Ichigo fight off the enemies within The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc?

Respond to the question using the comment box. The image was drawn by an amazing artist with the name of palm3rR. You should definitely check him out since he’s got some amazing fan art.

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  1. dreager1

    I think he’ll definitely appear. Though the anime has possibly been cancelled. Tomorrow’s possibly the final episode. It’s only a rumor, but nowhere lists an episode after tomorrow’s. Plus tomorrow’s finishes off Arc 3. On the channel it’s being replaced by Rock Lee….bummer


    1. Sunite

      No no lol, Tomorrow is the last episode of the Lost Shinigami Arc…. After this, the last arc “The Thousand-Year Blood War” Arc will start… this will be the last arc..

      And what Rock Lee? Do you get Tokyo TV or whatever the latest anime air on?


        1. Sunite

          WAAATT That’s awful news!! I can’t believe I didn’t find out soon enough for this! How could they be getting bad ratings? They are in the top 3 animes, Naruto, Bleach and OP


  2. dreager1

    Yeah, for some reason people started not liking Bleach during Hueco Mundo. Said it dragged on too much and stuff. Too bad, Bleach is easily one of the best anime for me. Don’t worry Naruto and One Piece are safe. They get top ratings. Bleach may still be renewed for more episodes, but on another channel. Of course in 10-20 years Bleach may come back with an ova. Though not to bring more bad news, but the manga isn’t doing too well either. There’s a slight chance it’s going. At least this time it’s slight.


    1. Sunite

      Damn!! Are you kidding me! The last Bleach Arc just started and it just started to end at the good bit! Im into Naruto, but not into One Piece… Yeah, a friend of mine also stopped watching after Aizen’s capture.

      Hopefully, Bleach anime and manga wont be killed but still carried on by Tite…


  3. Linus135

    ^^Dude…that’s just not fair 😦 ….*sigh*

    Well…I do think Hichigo will appear in this final arc (if it even makes it that far -_-) and I think he’ll appear around the same time Zangetsu makes his appearence. Or it’ll be Zangetsu first then Hollow Ichigo a little later..but there is no way they would just leave him out…Now I’m going to go cry softly…


    1. Sunite

      I think it’ll appear when Ichigo is getting his arsed kicked by the King of the Empire and thus he will ask for more power to protect and he will develop the mask in an instant…


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