Kugo Ginjo The First Substitute Shinigami – Bleach 362

Bleach just seems to be getting better and better! Today’s Bleach 362 started out amazing and ended amazingly! Ichigo eliminates Ginjo, but comes back with his Fullbring Form. The other Xcution members complain that they also want a share of Ichigo’s powers and thus get them. At this point Yukio separates each Shinigami and Fullbring Member to fight within their own reality dimension until one dies.

So we start this fantastic episode with Ichigo apologizing to Ginjo for missing the Getsuga Tenshou he had sent before. Here Ginjo tries to retreat and regroup to fight another time, but Ichigo follows him and holds his shoulder and pulls him to the ground. While Ginjo falls Ichigo pushes Ginjo to the ground to get him to get serious.

They both keep fighting until a point where Ginjo is knocked out by the Getsuga Tenshou. Ichigo then calms down to find out that his powers didn’t only come from Rukia, Renji, Byakuya, Toshiro, Zaraki and Ikkaku but also Shinji, Rangiku, Unohana, Hanataro, Isshin, Urahara, Yoruichi and even Yamamoto.

Ginjo suddenly explodes with overwhelming power which he changes into his Fullbring form. His New Look changes as he now has bone type objects covering his chest, feet and his legs.

Toshiro then explains the reasons why Ichigo’s powers were returned to him, the first was that Ichigo had done a great deal for the Soul Society so they are in their debt. And the second is Kugo Ginjo.

Long before Ichigo was introduced in to the Soul Society, a man was issued a combat pass as a Substitute Soul Reaper. This Shinigami gave up the position and disappeared. The First Substitute Shinigami was awarded to Kugo Ginjo. That’s why when Ukitake first handed Ichigo the Combat Pass, he had told Ichigo about if Soul Reapers are beneficial to the Soul Society they will be giving the Combat Pass.

The Substitute Shinigami law was created for Kugo Ginjo. Byakuya then steps in to prevent Toshiro from telling too much information, Toshiro then tells Ichigo that they will deal with the details later on.

At this moment, the other members of Xcution arrive to claim there share of Ichigo’s power. Annoyed Ginjo slashes them with his sword and thus they transform into their Fullbring form.

Ichigo tells Ikkaku and the others to back off, as this was Ichigo’s fault. He launches a Getsuga Tenshou only to find out that he was under Yukio’s Invaders Must Die: Digital Radial Invaders. Ikkaku then approaches Yukio from behind only to find out a second time that the same trick has been used twice.

At this point, Yukio’s game attack tries to attack Ikkaku from behind, at the precise moment, Toshiro steps in to stop this attack and warns Ikkaku to keep himself on his toes and not to slack.

Ikkaku is then attacked by Moe, while Jackie steps forward to Renji, and Giriko comes to Zaraki as well as Tsukishima comes behind Byakuya. At this point Yukio starts out by making sure everyone’s spread out properly so they are able to fight whom they want.

So it’s Toshiro vs Yukio, Renji vs Jackie, Rukia vs Riruka, Ikkaku vs Moe, Byakuya vs Tsukishima and Ichigo vs Ginjo. At this point, they are within different types of world which best suits the Xcution members personality giving them an advantage, but do you think they’re going to win? The episode ends here.

What an amazing episode that was! I’m just getting hyped on how amazing the fights between these amazing characters will be! Really want to see how much they’ve grown both is mind and the amount power they now have! Can’t wait to watch next week’s Bleach 363.

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