Naruto’s Chakra Mode – Naruto Shippuden 247

Naruto has finally gained Kurama’s Chakra with the help of his mother, Kushina Uzumaki. Naruto’s hard work has paid off as Naruto has now been able to pull out Kurama’s (Nine-Tails) chakra and absorb it within himself. This produced Naruto’s latest anime form, Chakra Mode, or Kyuubi Mode.

Naruto was finally able to gain his power as Kushina was able to hold Kurama in place using her chakra to act like chains, this helped Naruto to do Shadow Clone Jutsu within his Sage Mode which in turn used the Sage Art: Massive Rasengan Barrage to blow Kurama away.

As Kurama’s Chakra wasn’t fully pulled off, Naruto had to use his Rasen Shuriken which then stopped Kurama and pushed him slightly back which helped the Shadow Clones to pull Kurama’s chakra and then Naruto had to chance to absorb all that chakra.

At this silent moment, Naruto had turned into his new form Chakra Mode, or if you prefer Kyuubi Mode. Kurama got very angry because his chakra had been stolen, which he then made a massive Bijuu Dama which was cancelled as Naruto had again imprisoned him.

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