Shinji’s New Look – Bleach 479

After a long 17 Months, Ichigo trains with the Xcution to regain his powers to helps his friends and family. He regains his powers but in the form of his Fullbring powers which is then stolen by Ginjo. Ichigo kills Ginjo as he was betrayed by Xcution.

When Ichigo regains his Shinigami powers, he notices that Shinji’s power was used to help restore his own. Around a 100 years ago, Shinji was once the captain of the Fifth Division, he was then betrayed by Aizen and accidentally part of an experiment where he developed a Hollow Mask. This meant that he had to go to the Material World to hide. Shinji and the others created Vizards (Visored) which where ex Shinigami’s who have Hollow Masks.

Shinji’s material world form looks quite similar to his new look as he is still wearing a tie and the hair cut is very similar. His current hair cut has a slanted fringe, like Kensei’s New Look, Shinji’s New Look is also better since they are all back at the Soul Society. Shinji is wearing the usual Shinigami garment which all captains must wear.


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