Ichigo trains with Ginjo – Bleach 354

Today’s Bleach 354, both Ichigo and Ginjo start to train so Ichigo can perfect his Fullbring. Ginjo’s training technique become a lot more harsh than how other Xcution members trained with Ichigo.

We start off as Yukio’s Invader’s Must Die traps Ichigo within Yukio’s game platform. We see this in the last Bleach 353 episode here.

After Ichigo being saved within Yukio’s game, Ginjo joins Ichigo for a training session to push Ichigo to getting his Fullbring. Ginjo explains the rules to Ichigo, they both have 6 lives, and after they run out of these 6 lives, it’s Game Over for them.

Ginjo’s Fullbring, Cross of Scaffolds and Ichigo’s yet unknown Fullbring are activated as they fight one another. Ichigo, as usual, pushing himself receives a total 5 major hits therefore he is deducted 5 lives from his side.

Here the episode ends for next episode. Unfortunately, I presume that next week’s episode will be a filler hence another boring episode of us all. Even thought it will be boring, Fillers are always somewhat significant to explain what had happened in the past of the current story. So hope Bleach 355 is good!

What do you think?

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