Ginjo’s Hollow Form and Powers

Ginjo himself told Ichigo that he has “some” hollow powers, what exactly does that mean? Thinking back a little to the Vizards Arc, all users of Hollow Powers had a mask which had a timer to how long they were able to use it for.

But looking at Ginjo’s Hollow Form, it seems that he doesn’t have a mask, but his body is covered with hollow like features like the bones and the sword. Or that could just be his Bankai.

I don’t think Ginjo has a hollowification like Ichigo. He only says he has “some” hollow. I think that just means it allows him to use Fullbring abilities plus a small amount of hollow power which he stated. Compared to Ichigo, who had a full hollow before he long his powers.

However there are some people who say “I don’t think Ginjo can completely Hollowfy yet”  But as it seems as though Ginjo has died, he may come back just like Tsukishima did, and on top of that. He could even show us a mask. This would put Ichigo on the stop as most hollow powers are really powerful, thus the opponent, in our case Ichigo, would have to upgrade his powers to something similar or even powerful. And If this did happen, Ichigo would try to bring his Hollow Powers forward to kill Ginjo.

Comment below on what you guys think Ginjo’s Hollow Powers and Form would be like. Tell me as much as you can.


What do you think?

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