Ichigo’s Bankai vs. Ginjo’s Bankai – Bleach 476

In today’s Bleach 476, Ichigo and Ginjo both fight it out since Ichigo has made his mind up that he has to defeat Ginjo to prevent his friends and family from getting hurt.

I have to say that I thought Ichigo was a little dumb and seemed a little unresponsive with his thoughts at times, but from last weeks Bleach 475 manga chapter as well as this Bleach 476, I think that over time, Ichigo has really developed and can stand by himself to defeat his foes. Views last weeks manga here.

So in this Bleach 476 manga, Ichigo reminds himself that Kugo Ginjo was a Substitute Shinigami just like Ichigo is now. Ginjo doesn’t hesitate on revealing that “All of us have parents who were attacked by hollows before we were born.”, this means, “I’ve got some Hollow in me, same as you!”. After this shocking moment, which I knew was coming, I was blown away! Just thinking about how Ginjo’s Hollow Mask would look like would have endless possibilities! Comment below on how you guys think it might look like.

As Ichigo just acknowledges that Ginjo has Hollow Powers, he whips his sword to warn Ginjo that he has gotten a lot stronger from last time. “Bring it on, Ginjo. We’re Ending This.” Says Ichigo as he wants to end this fight with Ginjo. As they both go to attack each other, It’s resembles the fight between Ichigo and Aizen. Ginjo shouts “You Brat!!!”, just like Aizen. They Clash! and Bleach 476 “The Lost” begins!

As the fight progresses between Ichigo and Ginjo, we see Ichigo stays calm while Ginjo shouts at every possible moment. When Ginjo sends one of his more powerful attacks at Ichigo, we notice that Ichigo catches his attack just like Aizen’s attack on Ichigo during the other Arc.

At that moment, we see that Ichigo’s speed has increased as Ichigo quickly ends Ginjo’s streak. Ichigo strikes on Ginjo. “The Battle’s End!?” is what is stated on that page. But I’m pretty sure that Ginjo is still not dead, since he still has to release his Hollow Mask!

A great end to another fantastic manga. However next week’s Bleach 477 Manga Chapter will be the one to read! I definitely can’t wait!

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    1. Sunite

      I noticed both his eyes and what his wearing, it looks really hollowfied but seems to be missing the mask. And since Vizards and Ichigo have masks, when they are hollowfied, there is usually a mask to go with the person.
      I didn’t want to mention this because i wanted you guys to comment on his form, which you did.

      Im 50/50 sure that this wasn’t his hollow because of the missing mask. What do you think?


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