Onoki’s Will to Fight – Naruto 561

In Today’s Naruto 561, titled “The Power in a Name”, has Tsuchikage Onoki fight to push a large meteor sized rock coming down from the sky.

Tsuchikage Onoki is able to push one of the two sized rocks from the sky! But when Madara Uchiha summons a second rock on top of the first, it completely obliterates Onoki, it leaves his body in a frozen state because he couldn’t handle the weight of the two meteor sized rocks!

At the ending of this chapter, Naruto 561, the Third Tsuchikage Onoki, says “The Time to pick myself of the ground’s finally here…”, He then says “And There’s no Opponent more worthy!”. This Opponent which he talks of would clearly be Madara Uchiha, although there is something telling me that it could be Mu, the Second Tsuchikage.

It seems that the end for Onoki has come closer and closer, and I presume the next chapter would be the unfortunate end of Onoki The Third Tsuchikage! Do you guys think this also?

Keep Reading Naruto’s Manga, also don’t forget to watch the latest episode. Next Weeks Naruto 562 will be epic!


What do you think?

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