Ichigo Kurosaki joins Xcution – Bleach 344

In Today’s Bleach 344 Episode. We see a couple of very interesting thing happen. First I should start by saying that in this episode Kugo Ginjo finally reveals his name to Ichigo.

As the images above show, Ginjo visits Ichigo for the second and third time. The First when Ginjo was chasing after a guy who stole his bag. The second when Ichigo’s Part Time Job Boss, Ikumi Unagiya, were both at the Unagi Shop, when Ginjo came with a Isshin Kurosaki’s photograph to get information on him. And lastly the third time when Ichigo noticed his sister, Karin Kurosaki, leaving Urahara’s Shop.

The third meeting, Kugo Ginjo revealed his name to Ichigo. He also got his “Welcome To Our Xcution” Membership Card.

If you are Bleach Manga readers, you would have guessed that this is where it all begins! This is when Ichigo will start to learn more about what Xcution and Fullbring is!

Keep reading and watching Bleach Manga and Episodes! Don’t forget to read it tomorrow!

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