All Xcution Members Fullbring! – Bleach 462 COLOURED

These images show the Fullbring of all (or most) of the Xcution Club! This includes Kugo GinjoGiriko KutsuzawaRiruka DokugamineJackie Tristan and Yukio!

Although you may have noticed I said “or most”, my reason for this suggestion would be; as we look at Riruka Dokugamine in both of the images above! We can see that she has not transformed into her Fullbring, but in fact she is bending down as if she’s been cut! If you’ve read the manga, you would have noticed that there is a blood like pattern on the manga page 18! And Riruka’s posture may suggest she’s been injured by Ginjo on purpose!

Yukio’s appearance hasn’t fully changed, although we can spot that his arms have a Fullbring pattern like, which suggest his Fullbring has something more practical and could suggest his game a part of that Fullbring. Yukio’s Fullbring: Invaders Must Die

However, with Jackie Tristan we can spot that her Fullbring: Dirty Boots have come into action. We’ve seen this Fullbring at Ichigo’s training, so there’s not explanation here.

With Giriko Kutsuzawa, his calm attitude and quite personality seems to blow up in this manga chapter! His Fullbring: Time Tells No Lies, tells us that his appearance and those floating objects around his body are a part of some time manipulator, although it’s just a guess! His new clothing seems to suggest he’s one that  sits by and does nothing while other people, or in this case the objects around him do something!


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