Gray defeats Rufus! Hell Palace – Fairy Tail 179

Fairy Tail 179 gets underway by which Rufus and Gray both go head to head against each other, to which at every attempt from Gray, Rufus has a better trick up his sleeve, whilst at the same time Natsu and the others are trapped in the Hell Palace. Gray goes on ahead to explain that his feelings are stronger than his strength and thus this allows him to defeat Rufus using his complex Ice Make.  Continue reading Gray defeats Rufus! Hell Palace – Fairy Tail 179

Fairy Tactician! Eclipse 2 Plan – Fairy Tail 178

Fairy Tail 178 shows Mavis’ true colours as she is revealed to be a great tactician while she was still alive, she predicts and calculates what the fights are going turn out to be, we also learn that after Natsu helps Lucy’s escape, they falls into the Hell Prison. We find out who the princess is and who the person is who put them in the prison, this being Hisui E. Fiore.  Continue reading Fairy Tactician! Eclipse 2 Plan – Fairy Tail 178

Hungry Wolves Initiated – Fairy Tail 307

Fairy Tail 307 concludes Gray and Rufus’ battle, Gray successfully win, everyone in Fairy Tail is proud of him for winning with his emotions. Natsu and the others look for a way out when Carla finds a crack on the wall where they narrowly go towards to find Arcadios hurt, they are then met by the Garou Knights who are determined on killing them.

Fairy Tail 307 begins as Rufus is defeated by Gray, everyone in Fairy Tail is happy and ecstatic that Gray was able to achieve and defeat such a powerful opponent. Mavis is also proud of him. Orga notices that Rufus has been easily defeated.

Rogue also notices that Fairy Tail’s Strength is real and that Rogue wants to fight Gajeel in a one on one fight properly, he seems a lot more confident that he can win this battle. At this point, Minerva smiles at the fact that Rufus is down, Sabertooth is crumbling. Sting is sat in a place where he thinks about Lector and the past.

We finally find out what happens to Jiemma, the Sabertooth Master. After the damage which Sting deals on Jiemma, Sting quickly asks how dare he lay his hands on Lector. Minerva stops the fight, she states that it seems as though Jiemma’s reign of terror on Sabertooth has ended as Sting is much more significantly powerful.

Jiemma calls Minerva a bitch for speaking like she is. Minerva shuts Jiemma up and tells him to follow his own rules, that the weak will not survive. Minerva tells Sting that Natsu had won because of his Power of Emotion, he explains that his powers of emotions climaxed, plus what Jiemma told him about friends and emotions was completely untrue as he cared for Lector so much that it gave him the power to defeat even Jiemma.

Now that he’s obtained this power, he may be able to surpass Natsu. She then explains that Lector is still alive, at the last possible moment, she had used her magic to help Lector, as well as send him to another world. Sting asks for her to bring him back as soon as she can. She quickly tells him to shut up.

She says that she won’t hand over Lector until they’ve won the Grand Magic Tournament, he quickly starts to cry even more, begging to bring him back. Minerva may not be like Jiemma, but she agrees that she wants Sabertooth to be the best group in Fiore. Lector’s life is in the balance, therefore Sting must win the battle to get Lector back. Sting promises that he will bring Lector back at any and all costs!

At the Hell Palace, where Natsu and the others are trapped, Carla, Happy and Lily look around for any holes. Lily proposed that he could have taken a map of the place, Lucy asks who replaced Natsu in the match, she replies with Juvia. Happy reveals that Natsu really wanted to save Lucy, she blushes at all the help they’re giving her.

Mirajane looks at Yukino and quickly finds some resemblance that she looks a lot like Lisanna, Lucy agrees to this. Yukino asks who Lisanna is, Mirajane tells her that she’s her younger sister. Carla shouts telling them that she’s found a pathway. They all walk through it to find Arcadios lying on the ground. He tells them to quickly run.

A large man appears behind them, he quickly punches the ground, everyone moves out of the way as he had spit onto the ground. Another appears calling out Big Catch! He raises a flag like he was fishing. He then raises all of the members in front of him into the air. They all fall to the ground after he releases it.

Some plants start to ground from the ground, inside the large flower, there is a person, a paper like person appears. Arcadios explains that they are the independent unit that support the Kingdom from the shadows, they are the Kingdoms’ Strongest Executioners, the Garou Knights (Literally Meaning Hungry Wolves).

Arcadios then explains that their presence makes returning alive from this Hell Palace impossible. The leader of the ground states, by way of the special decree given to them, the Garou Knights will sentence these criminals to death! Fairy Tail 307 ends here!

Another bunch of people who act tough in front of Natsu and the others, but Natsu’s will to protect his friends will probably lead him to kick their ass. Plus the leader of the group wears a mask, could this lead to a future appearance from this man? Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 308, titled “Fairy Tail vs the Executioners”.

Gray defeats Rufus – Ice Make Unlimited – Fairy Tail 306

Fairy Tail 306 gets extreme as Gray’s magical powers are tested upon by Rufus from Sabertooth. We see some amazing moves by both, but ultimately, Gray’s Ice Make powers are just way too strong for Rufus to even copy, thus Gray successfully takes the awesome win for Fairy Tail!

Fairy Tail 306 begins as both of them face each other within the library, Romeo ask’s if what is happening is part of her calculations, she replies with a yes, Warren says that it’s certain that Gray will be able to win, Mavis states that she doesn’t know at this point, although it’s vital for Gray to take this win because Rufus is a key person to Sabertooth’s strategy.

A while ago, Fairy Tail were all talking to Mavis, she says that they need to take out Rufus in order to win and beat Sabertooth. Gray asks Mavis for him to deal with him. Mavis states that according to her calculations, Gray’s abilities are not as compatible to that of Rufus, Gray quickly tells Mavis that he doesn’t care.

All they need to do is save Lucy and pay them back for what they’ve done to Fairy Tail, he asks her to let him fight him. Mavis lets him fight him because sometimes emotion can overcome calculations, thus Gray will need to show Mavis his emotions in order to win.

Gray quickly enables his Ice Make Freeze Lancer, which quickly goes to attack Rufus, at these points, Rufus keeps on memorizing all of Gray’s moves. Gray then brings out another which is his Ice Impact! Rufus explains that when ever he sees magic, he can memorize it and give it a shape, he can also mix it with another making a whole new magic.

He reminds Gray that his magic is Ice and Orga’s is Lightning. He speaks the words, Memory Make and then Freezing Sword of Black Lightning! It gets Gray in a burning attack which injuries him pretty bad. He then enables his Fanged Pillars of Turbulence!

Gray uses his Ice Shield, Rufus then memorizes the moves of the Ice Shield, he then forgets it by which it degrades the Ice Shield which is protecting Gray! The attack before hits Gray pretty hard. After recovering from the attack he mentions that he’s never lost to the same opponent twice!

Gray enables his awesome new move in which he says Ice Make Unlimited! He enables it and a large number of swords and such appear, all of them being created by ice itself, even Rufus is shocked at how he’s not able to memorize it! The shaping speed is incredible!

Gray then enables his One Sided Chaotic Dance in which he gets a fantastic attack on Rufus, but he replies that since it’s an Ice Element, Rufus can just destroy his ice with flames, he enables his Memory Lake, Act of the Burning Earth! At this point, Gray has a fantastic look, he says that he’s memorized stronger flames in which he can use to kick Rufus’s ass!

Gray enables his Ice Bringer which ultimately kicks Rufus’s ass out to the sky, Gray has finally defeated Rufus as he’s no longer able to stand up after such a fantastic attack, Mavis is relived, Juvia is in love, Gray catches Rufus’s hat and wears it for his victory! Fairy Tail 306 ends here!

What a fantastic fight between Rufus and Gray, although it was pretty quick, I knew that Rufus had no chance against such an opponent as Gray, even Lyon would have a hard time up against Gray at the pace in which Gray is at! Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 307, titled “The Legion of Hungry Wolves”!, can’t wait!

Fairy Tail start to Dominate – Gray faces Rufus – Fairy Tail 305

Fairy Tail 305 shows us why Mavis is more then just the first Master. She reveals her great mind to us as she guides Erza, Gray, Juvia, Gajeel and Laxus throughout the map in order to win. We also find out that Natsu and the others have been captured in a deep underground chamber where they are told to rot and die by the Princess. Gray approaches Rufus.

Fairy Tail 305 begins as all members of Fairy tail move out to different places who were ordered by Mavis. She tells them to move out to their next destination, members of Fairy Tail are shocked, Mavis realizes that at this point there is a 97% chance that Rufus will make his move.

Rufus sees the movements, he says that they should not underestimate his abilities in finding enemies. He wants to take all of them at once, he speaks his Memory Make technique, then says On a Starry Night, this launches 5 individual bright lights into the air, Mavis tells them that it’s possible to dodge the lightning spikes, its possible using an emergency dodge.

Erza, Juvia, Gajeel and Gray all dodge it, Mavis says that it’s possible for Laxus to guard against it, instead Laxus blocks it, Rufus is petrified by the fact that they were all able to do such a defense all at once, thus neither of them were able to get hurt. Mavis realizes that there is a 68% possibility that Rufus will try to approach them, while 32% he will stay.

Some of the members of Fairy Tail realizes that Mavis is currently out of her mind and thinking beyond what they’re thinking. She realizes that at this point, Erza will face a person, Erza realizes that Mavis was correct and that her opponent is not very strong.

Erza defeats them gaining one point, Gajeel also defeats his enemies, he gains 2 points for defeating two people. Hibiki is told to run as quick as possible because they’ve only got a small chance now, Hibiki asks if there is a person who can surpass his Archive. Gray approaches him and says there is, Gray then defeats Hibiki too.

They all now go to a different position in which they can gain more points. At this point, Fair Tail are back on top, everyone cheers, they also cheer as Mavis gives all the right tactics. Makarov realizes that he remembers the First’s nickname, she led her team to victory in many battles thanks to her prodigious ability in making strategies. The Fairy Tactician, Mavis Vermillion.

Ichiya is alone, he realizes that he’s going to have to try hard in order to get good number of points to win. As he goes to say something, he’s quickly attacked by Jura who quickly gets him, he gains 5 points. Chelia also gains some points by defeating a members of Mermaid Heels. They also move to the top spot with Fairy Tail and Sabertooth.

Mavis states that from now on, it will be a very hard and tough battle for all of them, Kinana asks Mavis what she has plan for regarding Jura. Mavis says that she has thought about him but it’s going to be hard to handle him, Jura is really powerful and Fairy Tail will have a hard time against him.

Natsu, Wendy and Lisanna all go and get Lucy back from the prison, Natsu rips out the bars from the side so they can all come out. They brought some cloths back for them to change, they need to escape from this place, Lucy states that she needs to get her keys first.

Out of nowhere, the ground opens up from the bottom, they all fall down onto the ground by this surprise. They all fall onto this mysterious place, a mystery voice welcomes them saying that they’ve arrived in Hell Palace. This is the city of death, the last bit of freedom allowed to criminals, no one has ever got out of the Hell Palace before. We see that the Princess is saying all of this.

Natsu asks who she is, Yukino tells them that it’s the princess of the castle. After the transmission ends, they notice that there is no other way for them to get out of there. The soldiers behind cheer Hisui on for protecting the castle without the King being there.

We continue on with the fight, the weaker players are now out and only the strong guilds remain. We notice that Gray is approaching Rufus, he mentions that Mavis told him that if he came there, he would be able to meet him, Rufus mentions that he’s memories were about to forget Gray, could he remind him. Gray responds and tell Rufus that there is no use, after this battle, it will be the end of Rufus! Fairy Tail 305 ends here.

That was a truly epic ending, Gray vs Rufus is going to be awesome to see, we know that they are both incredibly strong and have an unbelievable amount of power within them, it’s just going to be awesome to see both of them fight during next week’s Fairy Tail 306, titled “Gray vs Rufus”, can’t wait!