Hagoromo and Hamura! Sage Powers – Naruto Shippuden 461

Naruto Shippuden 461 see’s Hagoromo and Hamura as they meet a toad we already know, along with this, the Divine Tree ritual continues as bodies and people’s lives are put on the line as Kaguya waits for something until the tree has got enough power. On top of which, Hagoromo learns about Sage Power when he activates his Sharingan, seems like a fight is coming.

Naruto Shippuden 461 begins with Hagoromo and Hamura notice that Kaguya has been looking up at the sky. We see a toad nearby looking at them. Haori walks by to tell them that members of the village have been fighting. They go ahead to see that there isn’t enough water coming by, this causes Hamura and Hagoromo to go ahead and notice that there is a large boulder there.

They get to the boulder when a toad begins to talk to them, they are shocked as a toad talks to them, they’ve never seen anything like it before. He talks, when a large bear shows up, the toad shows his true abilities after he scares off the bear. He asks for them to follow them as he’s been meaning to talk to them. They destroy the boulder and follow him.

Gamamaru tells them that if they’d like to know the truth, they must go beyond the tree to see the truth. They return to the village where Kaguya is missing, a merchant has appeared, he is just trying to use his fake products to gain money. He runs off after Hamura scares him. Hagoromo comes to the guy to say he’s sorry on behalf of Hamura.

Hagaromo mentions that he will fix his back if he tells him the truth, if he’s been beyond the tree. He man mentions that a lot of people have rumours about Kaguya whereby she has been killing people. Hagoromo and Hamura notice that Haori is part of the Divine Tree ritual where she has to attend, she gives a necklace to Hagoromo.

Both brothers ask their mother to stop the ritual, but it cannot be as it is necessary. She awaits something to happen, and thus she has a few things to do. Both brothers want to check out the tree, and do so. They go ahead to find the tree has many bodies underneath it, one of which is Haori. She is dead, this causes Hagoromo to develop the Sharingan.

They go to find Gamamaru, he tells them to follow him into the Land of the Toad. They learn about the Sage Powers, as well as the stone and prophecy that he has seen, included in the Memory Stone. He tells them about the past and what happened. Gamamaru also tells them that he see’s them fighting her, but not it’s outcome.

Hagoromo mentions that he’d like to learn about Sage Power, Gamamaru accepts and thus begins his journey, he seems to be doing very well here as he is quickly absorbing it. Hamura is back at the village where he’s confronted by Kaguya who asks where his other brother is. He is pushed down by the powerful Byakugan his mother holds, he cannot fight back, Naruto Shippuden 461 ends here.

A pretty dope episode if you ask me, it showed a lot of the past which I guess was pretty good. In fact, I think it might be one of the better episodes. Anyways, next week’s Naruto Shippuden 462, titled “A Fabricated Past”, see’s the continuation as Kaguya fights her sons.

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