Itachi Massacres Uchiha Clan! Joining Akatsuki – Naruto Shippuden 455

Naruto Shippuden 455 seems to have upped it’s game as this chapter shows the story of how Itachi annihilated his own clan, the Uchiha, in order to prevent war within the Leaf Village. Along with this, Itachi goes as far as to join the Akatsuki in order to make sure that Tobi doesn’t break his promise.

Naruto Shippuden 455 begins with Itachi and his father talking, along with this we see Shisui to Itachi after he leaps to his death. This causes Itachi to activate his Mangekyou Sharingan. He is thought of killing him as they all accuse him. He beats them up, but as soon as Sasuke appears, he bows down to say that he’s sorry. Itachi already knows that his clan is shallow.

Itachi joins the Foundation ANBU along with Danzo. He goes on a mission to kill someone, he does so and returns to the village.It seems that while he was away, the Leaf Police has been acting weird, it seems that members of the Uchiha are planning something. He gets home, Sasuke asks to do something with him, but he says that he’s tired and later.

Itachi meets with his father as he asks him to go to their own shrine, but he has a job. Itachi is told that he has to attend no matter what. At the same time, he is looking at their meeting from the outside. However, it seems that he goes on to find his father inside. Along with him, he see’s his fathers Mangekyou Sharingan, it seems that he is not able to read the tablet they have.

Itachi’s father mentions that they all fear us, because they can control the nine tails, but they do not. Itachi is shown an image of how it would be if he could control the Nine Tails, he himself can do it, but he does not at this point. Itachi see’s this and is shocked. There will be a lot of bloodshed, but if Itachi is with him, they can go ahead and do a revolution for the whole village.

He returns and tells the higher ups about this plan. Danzo mentions that they need to kill them, and thus Itachi needs to pick a side. Itachi takes some time off as he tries to figure out which side he belongs to. Seems like he’s chosen the village as he asks for Tobi’s help. the night has arrivd as Tobi kills everyone in the Leaf Village while Itachi goes ahead to kill all the people, this includes his parents.

After it all, Itachi is saddened at what has happened, but he goes ahead to talk to Hiruzen and how it will be from now, he will be put in the bingo books as a fugitive. He will join the Akatsuki group in order to keep a close eye on Tobi so he follows his every instruction. He meets with Pain along with Orochimaru. Naruto Shippuden 455 ends here.

A pretty good episode if you ask me, it seems that this part of Itachi’s story is quite new, we havent’ really seen it before, as far as I can remember. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 456, titled “The Darkness of the Akatsuki”, when we see the Akatsuki group show their dark side.

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    1. Sunite

      Im not entirely sure since this arc is a bit different. But when it returns to the canon, it might be around 20 or so more episodes. Who said Bleach will return?


      1. Ultimate Coordinator

        I heard it somewhere not sure it’s official. But since Bleach & Naruto are both under Pierrot company, they’ll need to replace Naruto once it ends. Bleach makes most sense since it’s got a lot of good content likely no fillers, and it’s a big anime.


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