1000 Scenarios – Kisuke Urahara

With Kisuke Urahara being known for his means by the Quincy Force, he is known to be a powerhouse of information and knowledge. His ability allows him to come up 1000 scenarios before ever going in so he isn’t caught with his pants down. This happened during his latest battle against Askin Nakk Le Vaar as he even predicted him being pushed to his death, but used Nel as a safe bet.

Urahara Kisuke by zetsuai89

As the situation grew worse and worse for Grimmjow and Urahara, they became unable to move, unable to fight and unable to help Ichigo. As shown in this image of Urahara Kisuke, by Zetsuai89, he already grows weaker and begins to bleed even with the help of his bankai, Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame. If you like this artwork be sure to check out the artist, otherwise go ahead and share this page with other fans!

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    The only problem I have with this fight is that it didn’t last as long as Pernida’s and Lille’s fight. And we didn’t get that good of an explanation of Kisuke’s Bankai. But I still liked that Kiuske, Askin, and Grimmjow are all basically dying. It builds up the tension.

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    1. Sunite

      Hmm I think the only reason why Pernida’s was longer was because of her being an hand of the king. Askin is practically dead, Nel should have a hard time getting them back if she also gets poisoned.


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      If you mean Askin’s fight against Ichigo’s Group than I agree his fight was long. His fight with Grimmjow was from 629 to 635. His fight with Ichigo was from 648 to 660. His fight with Yoruichi and Yushiro was from 660 to 663. His fight with Kisuke was from 664 to 666. I was mainly referring to his fight with Kisuke being short.


  2. nickdunnaquatic

    After seeing how the final chapters have Bleach haven’t shown Kiuske (and many other characters) alive, than I have come to a possible conclusion. I believe Kiuske Urahara is dead. Despite the fact that Kisuke surprised Askin by using his Bankai to heal Grimmjow and have him follow a stitch trail that passes the Gift Bereich and into the Gift Ball Deluxe and fatally injure him. Even than, Kisuke had a back up plan that involved Nelliel saving everyone from the Gift Ball Deluxe. Askin, of course, already knew this would happen, and he says that when he dies, the Gift Ball Deluxe will increase in potency and kill everyone. So I do believe that Askin died. Which is very unfortunate because of what an amazing character he was. But at least he went out with a bag, and even managed to kill his opponent. Kisuke was still afraid of dying, despite having a back up plan. His fail words were, “It looks like this is the end of the road for me. I’m sorry I have to leave everything to you, Kurosaki-San, Kuchiki-San. “


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