Urahara’s Bankai! Guanyin Biraki Benehime Atarame – Bleach 664

Bleach 664 reveals Kisuke Urahara’s Bankai as “Guanyin Biraki Benihime Atarame” or in English “Inquisition of the Crimson Princess of the Doors of Avalokitesvara”. After Askin affects Urahara with his poison, Urahara is unable to do anything, even his right eye is blown up by an attack from Askin. Urahara is in grave trouble here against Askin.

Bleach 664 begins as Askin mentions that a reiatsu that changes 48 times per second means for him that he’ll be absorbing that many reiatsu every second if he’s just taking damage and not attacking back within his Bankai. Eventually, he’ll have been exposed to all 48, and thus all that is left for him is to analyse it and develop an immunity to it, which won’t take long.

Urahara reaches for something under his clothes. We see Askin mentions that there may be other ways to change reiatsu but he’ll eventually work out and become immune to it. Further to this, we see Askin mention that for the sake of not wasting any more time, Askin wants to explain how his Vollstandig works.

His Vollstandig Hasshain adapts to the changes in the properties of the poison. No matter how much the surface layer of the poison changes, as long as the base remains the same the immunity acquired will adjust as well as render the poison instantaneously ineffective. Thus, no matter how much Urahara or Yoruichi change their reiatsu, neither of them will be able to land a single scratch on them.

Askin then reaches out as he mentions that there must be more he can do, or could he actually have exhausted all the tricks up his sleeve and played all his cards. Askin adds more protection to the poison ball they’re in, it seems like it’s something for Askin to be on the safe side. He’s set up a Bereich border.

He’s not a fan of using tough sounding words, and people who talk the talk cannot walk the walk. He wants to look like the real deal so he tries to come across as perpetually calm and composed. Further to this, he mentions that breaking out of the Gift Bereich (translation: Deadly Poison Domain) is absolutely impossible.

Urahara mentions that if he wanted them to stay there so badly, then he should have just asked. Urahara notices that Askin may not be acting out of pure loyalty. Askin mentions that he might be true to this, he mentions that Yhwach interests him. He explains that there are three worlds, real world, Hueco Mundo and Soul Society.

Yhwach’s plan is to destroy all three and to make something out of it’s destruction. There is no one that can do such a thing except for Yhwach. If Askin was to look over this, and the process involved, Askin asks when the next guy would come along and do this. Askin mentions that Urahara is a well informed and wise man, he has a face that has seen all there is to this world.

And thus asks him if he can see where he’s coming from. Whatever Yhwach will create after destroying everything is an interest to him, and thus asks if Urahara has the least bit curiosity to see it too. Urahara jumps out and swings his sword. Askin backs up as he mentions that he is shocked that he can still move in his Gift Bereich.

Urahara answers the question about the curiosity as he mentions that he’s not curious, this is when he mentions that if he was Mayuri then it would be a different story, as he might be interested in seeing what Yhwach might create. This is when Urahara mentions that if something that no one has ever seen before is about to be created, then he’s the type of individual who would want to create that blank canvas with his own two hands.

That’s what it means to be a true scientist. Askin laughs as he likes the response Urahara gave. Askin creates a Gift Ring as it starts out small and gets bigger. Askin launches towards Urahara, however it disappears. However, moments later it appears within Urahara’s eye, half inside his eye and the other half out.

It explodes causing a great deal of damage to Urahara’s eye. Askin mentions that Gift Ring is a strong weapon used on troublesome ones who the death-dealing doesn’t work. It focuses all of the potency into one focal point, pinpointing it on the part of the body that currently bears the piercing and forces an instant death.

Askin mentions that he won’t lower his potency and thus cannot go easy on him. Urahara is panting hard as he bleeds from his eye. Urahara calls out Bankai! A arge woman appears as she hunches over behind Urahara with her eyes closed. Guanyin Biraki Benihime Atarame or in English “Inquisition of the Crimson Princess of the Doors of Avalokitesvara”  appears in Urahara’s time of needs. Bleach 664 ends here.

A brilliant chapter, there was a lot of talking, but it’s exactly what I expect from two really strong individuals. I honestly, can’t wait to see what Urahara’s Bankai does and what he has up his sleeve. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 664 when we see Urahara vs Askin continue.

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  1. Hugo

    “Askin mentions that a reiatsu that changes 48 times per second”
    Tell me how a reiatsu can changes 48 times per second ? For me , it’s not possible , an original reiatsu can’t change .

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    1. Mishy

      The strongest characters in Bleach are obviously people who are exceptions to the rule. Although it makes sense for Yoruichi to possess such a reiatsu; she’s always been portrayed as having rather stereotypically “feline” qualities: loyal to a fault, fiercely independent, freewheeling, proud, and willing to bare her “claws” at enemies and people who would dare to fight against her friends. She IS also, quite moody outside of battle as Urahara says. Anyone with a cat knows that cats’ moods are often unpredictable and they’ll do things for no apparent reason. Lmao


    2. mikoto0208

      I think the point is that Urahara has implanted her with something that changes her reiatsu 48 times a second. If people can suppress/exert their reiatsu, I think it would be possible for Urahara to come up with a way of manipulating it. So excited that he’s finally released bankai xD



    I am really happy we are getting the two sides most shadiest characters fighting each other, I so wanted Kisuke vs Askin, because they are so alike in a casual way, and this is one of the few match ups I wanted to actually happen. I enjoyed the conversation between the two, I hope we get a few more chapters of this fight as I hate to see it end too soon, and KISUKE BANKAI IS HERE!!!!

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    1. Sunite

      Agree with you x100. Bankai is here And it’s awesome. Both scientists, both shady and both awesome! I honestly am truly happy that Kubo is covering this fight, hopefully he doesn’t cut to something else half way. Nevertheless, it’s going to be an awesome fight.


  3. trinin ninja

    What I personally hated about this chapter was that kisuke used bankai against askin. Now don’t get me wrong. I like askin as much as the next guy but I was hoping kisuke would go all out against someone like yhwach. Perhaps I was hyping kisuke up too much and expecting more out him. What I did like was askin’s personality. He seems to be a curious individual while remaining calm and collected at the time. Also kisuke is still mysterious as always. In my opinion, he is slightly interested in yhwach’s new world. His bankai is even more mysterious. A quick Google search of his bankai reveals that it involves the concept of compassion and has to with Buddhism. I hope Kubo expands more on this idea next chapter because I am genuinely excited about the uniqueness of kisuke’s bankai.


  4. nickdunnaquatic

    I loved this chapter so much! 🙂

    Askin’s dialog: Askin has done it again with his amazing personality. His Vollständig is incredibly powerful. I really liked how he used Gift Realm just in case Kisuke finds a way out of Gift Ball Deluxe. He’s so smart! I really liked his speech as well. He wants to see what Yhwach will create. I like that he isn’t completely loyal to Yhwach. He’s just curious to what new world he will create. And honestly, I agree. I want to this this new world because so far we only have the capital of this new world, which is the Wahrwelt.

    Kisuke’s Reaction: This is something I liked as well. He reaction to Askin’s question to him being interested in Yhwach’s new world was interesting to me. He attacked Askin. And his answer was also interesting. He said Mayuri would want to create a world by himself from nothing and that’s what a true scientist would want. And we know this is true became he created Nemu out nothing. But love Askin’s reaction to his answer. I believe he knows what Kujaku really thinks. Kisuke does agree with Askin and he wants to see this new world. Only difference is, instead of Yhwach being the creator, Kisuke wants to be the creator. Which really begs the question, is Kisuke the final villain? It seems he wants to do what Yhwach is doing, but with him instead.

    Shinigami (Stagnation): This also kind of reveals why Mimihagi is siding with the Shinigami. The Shinigami don’t want change. They only want to protect their ways. We know how fucked the Soul Society can be. They never seem to adapt to the times at all. They only want to stop those who want change, like Aizen and the Quincy. I saw this quote from a user on Bleach asylum that fits this belief. “Stagnation is the end of humanity.” So in a way, I kinda want the Shinigami to lose.

    Quincy (Evolution): Now we know why the left arm Pernida, sided with the Quincy, because the Quincy want change. They want to change the world because of what happened to them. They have been evolving all throughout Bleach. None of the new Quincy say, “By my honor of the Quincy, I will not do this etc…” Only some of them still use Reishi Bows. They discard the Letzt Stil and created the more powerful Vollständig. They now created a new hevean in the Quincy’s image.

    Kisuke’s Bankai: His Bankai is based off of Buddhism. I believe Benehime is based off of the Goddess of mercy.

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  5. Ultimate Coordinator

    I think Urahara’s Bankai will be similar to Shunsui’s, it’ll influence an area around the battle which is why he can’t use it all the time. Hopefully this fight wraps up in 3 chapters at most. Did Kira kill Lille already loll.


  6. josephbhwanah

    After reading this chapter, I think its safe to say that “Askin” is the better written villain than the rest of the Elites so much so that he is soo likable.

    i kinda suspected that Kisuke will go bankai early on since ther was absolutely no chance he could stand “Askin” vollstanding. Im looking forward to see what it can do thou im not so much hyped about it. & also i couldnt help noticing that Kisuke looked scared as hell when Askin used his “gift ring”, so much so that he had no reservation using his bankai immediately since he felt clearly outmatched. Idk guys, but i dont think Kisuke is going to wrap this up on his own, lets hope im wrong.

    And about Kisuke answer to Askin’s question, i personally liked his answer thou i see it in different perspective, Urahara said Mayuri would likely agree with him on that regard but he would want to be the one to create that world with his own two hands instead of letting someone else do it for him instead..IMO, since Urahara said this after questioning Askin’s loyality to Yhwach, he was simply trying to lay out to Askin that he had wrong motives to follow Yhwach & he might as wel be better off serving his own ambitions other than relying on someone else’s for his own ambitions to be met.

    The thing i dont get about this chapter is why Askin even bothered talking about Yoruichi’s reiatsu change while he has already taken her out, it just goes to show just how convenient Yoruichi power-up truly was.It was really unnecessary unless Kubo just wanted to show us that Askin has gained a form that cant be countered with Yoruichi’s reiatsu change anymore, which was really unnecessary if u ask me, & even worse, it made Yoruichi’s form even more silly by now saying that Yoruichi has 48 different reiatsu’s & their interchanging within a sec & all he has to do is to let himself be hit & eventually gain the immunity to all of them(something im now sure Askin could have countered without the need of his Vollstandig given how his power work if thats the case)

    Personally, i dont know what to make of this chapter, it has few good moments(like Askin’s dialog with Kisuke, Kisuke being over-powered,frightened & had to go bankai sooner than later), or the fact that this is shaping up to be the same old repetitive trend that we have had in several battles, either way all i can say is that im looking forward to what Kisuke’s bankai has to offer & hope its not too convenient, though im absolutely certain that next week we might not resume to this battle & the attention will be shifted somewhere else, & again, i do hope im wrong for the sake of Urahara fans out there..hehehe!


  7. Christopher Waters

    Enjoyed the chapter and looking forward to seeing what Urahara’s bankai. I used to think Urahara was going to end up a villain at some point but I no longer think he is. Just b/c he would be interested in seeing how the world would be redone and would like to create it himself does not mean that he will end up trying to do it. All it shows is that he is a very intelligent person and that he is a scientist always looking forward wanting to or see things improve in one way or the other. Mayuri pretty much said the same thing in his fight with Szayelaporro. Even if they are not the “same” in what they do. Just look at the things Urahara has created all of them were created to try to make something better then what was already there. So yea don’t see him as a villain just a scientists curiosity and thoughts.

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  8. trinin ninja

    I think it is clear that although lille barro was the strongest elite sternritter, askin is more “dangerous” and the more “difficult” elite sternritter to face.


  9. Bloodstrike

    I want kisuke to go bankai and be aawesome win but i want grimmjow to help him if possible or have grimmjow have a decent comeback. If not i dont see the point in him being there. im so glad its not focused on ichigo though and i hope hes not the final one to take down yawach. Uryuu his moment too.


  10. nickdunnaquatic

    The only other person I see beating Askin if Kuiske can’t is Yoruichi. Yushiro does have the godly armor. Which is obviously her Zanpakuto. Of Kuiske can’t kill Askin with his Bankai, than I see Yoruichi killing him with hers. I honestly don’t see Grimmjow defeating Askin. He is too strong for him. However Grimmjow will fight, he will fight along side Nelliel.


  11. trinin ninja

    I just realized that kisuke’s bankai is a bit similar to mayuri’s bankai. Who would have thought that both scientist would end up having puppet-like bankai?


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      Not only that, but this Bankai looks similar to Shutara’s artifical arms she has. And she has some history with Mayuri. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kisuke knows her as well. Also, both Ashisogi Jizo and Benihime are based on Budist/Hindi gods/goddesses.

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  12. josephbhwanah

    i think grimmjow & Neliel are likely going to fight Harribel. This game is too big for Grimmjow & i cant see him stepping up where Kisuke has fail with his bankai if it ever comes to that, Yoruichi or Soifon or both or a threesome of Kisuke yoruichi & Soifon is likely, either way, im more inclined to agree with Nick about the fact that Yushiro’s godly armor that he came along with is going to be put on play here

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    1. nickdunnaquatic

      Pretty much. Harribel is very likely going to fight both Nelliel and Grimmjow. While I believe Gantenbainne will fight Chad. I believe Sui-Feng is currently with Yushiro and keeping him from dying. Maybe he can reveal Yoruichi’s Zanpakuto and ask her to bring it to her. But she, Kisuke, and Askin are trapped inside the Gift Ball Deluxe, which is sealed off by Gift Poison Realm. Maybe Sui-Feng will use her Bankai to destroy Gift Poison Realm and go bring her Zanpakuto to her.


  13. trinin ninja

    Just realized kisuke made a deal with grimmjow so maybe grimmjow will come to kisuke’s aid after kisuke weakens askin so much that grimmjow deals the final blow just like he did to quilge opie.


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      How will Grimmjow get passed Gift Realm? I do however, think it’s possible that Kisuke saved Grimmjow by making an immunity antidote from when he was hit by Gift Ball.


  14. josephbhwanah

    im just saying, Askin is much bigger game for Grimmjow, so i dont think he is going to help “Bankai Kisuke” IMO it will taint Kisuke’s moment, Grimmjow couldnt do much with Askin in base, what makes you think that he has a chance against Askin in Vollstandig? & no matter how you look at it, i just cant see of all people grimmjow would be the one to help Kisuke if he ever fails to defeat Askin with his bankai, the only one who is likely to help out if it ever comes to that is Yoruichi or Soifon(but highly unlikely) or someone else entirely


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      Like I said, the only one that could possibly help Kisuke if he can’t kill Askin with his Bankai is Yoruichi. She is just as powerful as Kisuke and she is with him in the Gift Ball and Gift Realm.


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