Dearest Kakashi – Kakashi and Sakumo

Kakashi and his father Sakumo seemed like an amazing couple of father and son, as seen in this story, you can tell that they enjoyed spending their time together, this is until he had to go on a mission where Sakumo didn’t come back from. This is the point Kakashi changed completely.

Dearest Kakashi Sakumo by KejaBlank

A very tragic story told by KejaBlank, if you like this work of theirs, be sure to go ahead and check their work out. Otherwise be sure to share this page and art work other fans of Kakashi. If you think this story is quite emotional, be sure to comment down below, I honestly found this upsetting since we also saw Kakashi’s arc.

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      1. nickdunnaquatic

        It really was. Its understandable why he acted this way. Most kids at a young age to withdraw when one of their parents died. Ichigo did for a while. Hell, so did Uryu. Friends always make things better.

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