Memento Mori! Mard Geer Tartaros – Fairy Tail 262

Fairy Tail 262 see’s the continuation of Mard Geer vs Natsu and Gray as the battles gets even crazier. On top of which, Jiemma’s fight against Sting and Rogue ends as they show the true power of the Sabertooth guild kicking his ass. Mard Geer uses one of his strongest techniques called the Memento Mori aimed towards sending Gray and Natsu to another existence.

Fairy Tail 262 begins as Natsu and Gray attack Mard Geer, they disable the thorns by Mard and are quickly picked up by Mard by the head. They’re crushed on the ground as their faces are brushed upon the ground. On top of which, Erza begins to fight back against Kyouka as she’s blind and so on.

Lucy and others go towards the guild to work on Lumen Histoire. Jiemma battles against Rogue and Sting as he talks about Minerva and how she was left in the jungle. And we remember when she was defeated by Erza. Sting attacks but it doesn’t work. Both Rogue and Sting are over matched here.

But they get up and battle on trying to get up and try their best to fight against them. He remembers when Jiemma got rid of Lector, and what he did after that. Rogue and Sting attack him but he’s just able to defend, all while Sting and Rogue talk about a strong guild like Fairy Tail.

They release their technique called the Silk of White and Shadow Dance, it pierces through him and he collapses on the ground. Sting and Rogue are also tired and thus fall too. Gray and Natsu get up on Mard and unleash their Fire and Ice.

All while Igneel and Acnologia keep on fighting while everyone watches. Gajeel gets the poison to the correct person to get an antidote. Mard climbs up and unleashes his magic onto Natsu and Gray. He escapes all attacks and brings out a large thorn like attack. Natsu and Gray destroy it.

Then Natsu gets an attack on Mard when he mentions all things about curses and how they’re the best power. Mard begins to attack using a strange power when he mentions that he’s going to put them into purgatory, an attack called Memento Mori. Both Natsu and Gray disappear, Mard Geers seems to have dealt with them. Fairy Tail 262 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, but this Face thing is being delayed so long now. Still, next week’s Fairy Tail 263, “Dancing over Ishgar”, see’s the activation of Face but it seems Mard Geer is under some pain after Natsu and Gray come back.

What do you think?

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