Beautiful Warrior – Yuki Asuna

Yuki Asuna from the anime Sword Art Online is one fantastic character, being able to battle against any and all beasts and goblins within the world they live in. She began her story when she bet Kirito, she climbed the ranks and became one of the strongest members of Sword Art Online, able to climb floors alongside Kirito. This magnificent fan art shows her other side, her more beautiful side.

Asuna Sword Art Online by CGlas

This featured image was actually created by CGlas who I actually met during one of his Twitch Streams while he was working on a Hinata and Mirajane fan art. I think you might actually like him, so check him out, he has some awesome work based of other anime as well as League of Legends champions. If you like this work, be sure to share this artwork.

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  1. renxkyoko

    II like Yuki Asuna too. She’s awesome. Despite that Kirito, this cheating bastard, keeps a harem, allows his cousin to touch him intimately when they are alone together in his room, that I suspect something’s going on that the author doesn’t show anymore, and he has also becomes too close to that character in Death Gun episodes, to the point that he denies being Asuna’s boyfriend when a one of the guys accidentally blurts out he’s got a girlfriend while that girl the player in Death Gun is flrting with him. Kirito is a two-timing asshole, and that’s why I question his integrity, even if he’s a great fighter.


    1. Sunite

      I guess you could also look at it that way, personally I didn’t really look into the points you mentioned in detail, I just went through what the anime delivered and enjoyed the first season quite well. The second season on the other hand I thought it was just a mess. The dragging and terrible story line, the story took so much time to progress that I felt like abandoning the series.


  2. renxkyoko

    Death Gun game feels like a filler, and I suspect it’s there so that the author can add the main girl character there in Kiritos harem. The Rosario arc is good because Asuna is the main here, and it shows us more of her strength of character. This arc has saved the second season’s lousy plotline.


    1. Sunite

      I liked the Rosario arc, it was actually pretty good, it was the only thing I found to be good in the whole of season 2. Agreed on how terrible it was, I just hope they don’t make a third season.


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