Fairy Tail, Zeref and Acnologia! Dragon King Festival – Fairy Tail 452

Fairy Tail 452 see’s Fairy Tail, Zeref and Acnologia all get ready for the upcoming Dragon King Festival war which see’s all three parts of the triangle meet up for one of the greatest wars of Fairy Tail. While Zeref calls upon his Spriggan 12, he tells everyone to move his forces forward, while Mavis and Acnologia prepare for the upcoming war.

Fairy Tail 452 begins as we see Brandish and Marin Hollow in a much smaller form, we previously thought he had died but in fact he was shrunk. he tries to get her to return him to his original size, but she doesn’t. Dimaria walks in to ask Brandish why she had left some pirates from Fairy Tail behind there, when she mentions that she just let them be.

Dimaria tells Brandish that Spriggan 12 are gathering, ordered by Zeref. Back in Fairy Tail HQ, everyone begins to discuss how Natsu might be able to defeat Zeref with his new amazing secret weapon. He mentions that it’s only a technique he can use once. Everyone then begins to discuss how it’s going to be awesome, and thus brings everyone’s morale up.

Lucy then asks Makarov if she could know more about the enemy. The story now splits into two parts, I will split these concentrating on Makarov’s part then what Zeref is going to say. Makarov tells everyone that Zeref is the Spriggan, there being 12 other elites with their own squadrons.

Makarov mentions that he had come face to face with six of them. As the western continent is so large, it’s very rare for them to all meet in one place. winter General Imber, Zeref’s chief of staff and consul. His powers are related to that of Ice, although specifics are unknown.

Desert King Azir is the sand magic user who they previously faced. Brandish, the Nationbreaker is not as aggressive but has the power to bring an entire nation to its knees, she’s the one they also met previously. War Maiden Dimaria, her magic is unknown, but she is supposedly a female knight.

The strongest of the Ten Saints, God Serena, he is somewhat disappointing as a man, but Makarov knows exactly how strong he is. Mage King August, he out of all of them, is on a completely different level. The wielder of his Magic Power is incomparable to that of the other 12.

It seems that he may have mastered magics of all times and places. The terms of the number of different magics he can use, he probably surpasses even Zeref! Everyone is shocked by hearing this, Those are the 6 Makarov has met face to face, he also knows names of Bloodman, Nineheart as well as Wahru Ihyto.

Mavis mentions that they need to formulate a plan, as Zeref will lead his armies himself. The situation they’ve been put into is overwhelmingly to their disadvantage. The Alvarez kingdom is stronger than any they’ve previously faced. But they will fight to the bitter end, their courage and bonds holding us the way it is now. Thus Mavis shouts to show them the power of their guild.

On the other side, Zeref is happy to see seven of the Spriggan 12 out there after such a short time. Imber mentions that everyone should follow what the Spriggan says. Azir mentions that he should shut up, while telling everyone to start the meeting already. Zeref reveals that they should realise that the invasion of Ishgar should already begin.

Brandish finds it annoying, when Zeref mentions that she shouldn’t be like that when Brandish mentions that she will always follow his orders through, however she finds its a little annoying. Out of nowhere, Dimaria tells Brandish that people don’t like her because of her always talking the way she does.

Brandish gets angry when Dimaria mentions that they do need to get along. Out of nowhere, God Serena begins his lightshow when he is asked if he finds it painful destroying his old homeland. Thus he just goes on to mention that he doesn’t care. Brandish calls him a weirdo when he mentions that he’ll take it as a compliment.

August mentions that he and everyone else are all prepared for Ragnarök, for the final battle. Wahru mentions that their target seems to be the body of his former lover, if this is somehow some sort of sinful thing, Zeref interrupts mentioning that it’s a magic, not a body.

Besides their objective is the complete annihilation of Ishgar. All the Spriggan’s there are on board, while Azir mentions that he can just take them out with just his magic, Zeref mentions that he can’t leave it to just him. Zeref mentions that this is an all-out war.

Azir mentions that as God Serena is the strongest mage in Ishgar, then he is more than enough to defeat them. Zeref mentions that may be true but an all-out offensive with all his armies, everyone together, has much more meaning. This will commence the start of the Dragon King Festival, to advance their troop.

Elsewhere we see Acnologia, as his arm tingle, the arm that Igneel took. Acnologia mentions that the Dragon King Festival, he shall devour everything and everyone. He mentions that he is the True King of all Dragon, the Ultimate Creation, he is Acnologia! Fairy Tail 452 ends here.

A truly awesome and fantastic chapter which brings together all three aspects of Fairy Tail. From the guild, to the the army and the dragon. It seems that it will finally begin with the true and awesome battle. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 453, titled “A Parent’s Duty”.

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  1. Kurosaki z

    Hmm..lighting vs sand is seem like a good match..by the way this is my prediction to upcoming battle beetwen fairy tail and spriggan..
    -natsu (end ) vs zeref (brother battle)
    -invel vs gray (ice battle)
    -erza vs dimaria (knight battle
    -august vs makarov (magic battle) both are skilled in many type of magic
    -laxus vs azir
    -mira vs brandish (they both cute)
    -gajell vs bad maan (bad guy battle)


    1. Sunite

      Don’t forget that since this is an all out battle from each side. Many other guilds will also get involved, from Sabertooth, Blue Pegasus, etc. And even the 9 Saints too. So they’ll most likely fight too. I think God Serena fight fight one of the other Saints.



    Great setup for the final upcoming battles, however I was a bit surprised by God Serena “sparkle” personality, I would have preferred the more serious and dangerous look we had in 440.
    But hopefully, when we see him fight we will see why he was the number 1 wizard in Ishgar, and hopefully we get into more depth with why he joined the enemy.
    (Plus, some of the carefree guys in any manga/anime, do come out as one of the most badass, such as Might Guy from Naruto or Ichibei Hyosube from Bleach, once they fight all hell breaks loose, they both came close in actually defeating the main villains of their story)

    Plus I actually hope that Fairy Tail Members lose some fights for a change, I’m the type of fan who loves to see some villains win some battle for a change, I’m sick of all these curb-stomped Fairy Tail wins, I like to see them actually lose some battles for a change, like first round or initial fights, it just builds up the hype for the villain.

    Also I like how, Zeref doesn’t keep secrets from his bodyguards, like they know about his past relationship with Mavis or how he wants to destroy humanity, and their fine with it.


    1. Sunite

      With Fairy Tail its a little weird since we won’t see any member die without good reason. Remember that FT is somewhat targeted towards kids too, even if there are some echi parts. And I too hope that some members get defeated, but you know that FT members will just somehow use their courage and somehow beat them with little to no odds.


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