Erza Seventh Master! Doranbolt is Mest – Fairy Tail 438

Fairy Tail 438 see’s everyone from the guild rebuilding the guild hall, they have everything ready to submit Fairy Tail to the council in order to confirm it as a legit guild. The only thing is to declare the Seventh Master, which is confirmed to be Erza! Doranbolt, or his real name Mest appears with Fairy Tail’s guild mark on his shoulder as he tells Erza that she’s the best person.

Fairy Tail 438 begins as Lucy’s in the shower washing up in her old house. She’s thinking of how everyone is now back and living in Magnolia once more. She also doesn’t have to worry about where she’ll live, she gets out from the shower in goes into her living room to find Natsu and Happy there eating.

She tries to kick him, but he just holds her leg and turns her upside down, Natsu tells her that they’ve got work to do, she gets happy and her tower falls down, she screams all naked. In the aftermath of Fairy Tail used to be there is now a giant crater. It seems that the job is to rebuild the guild hall.

Erza mentions that if they divide the chores up amongst everyone they will be able to finish up in no time. When the master returns, they’ll have the guild hall to present. It seems that Makarov is nowhere to be found, so the others decide to make a wanted poster.

Gray and Juvia are working together, he asks for some nails, she gives them using her water. As they work, it seems that everyone is trying to work out what they’re up to, for example they’re secretly married, living together, while he’s got Lucy as one of his mistress.

He tells them that they’re just living together, that’s it. Lisanna appears and gives everyone some water and refreshments as they work. She used to work with her sister Mirajane during the year break while Elfman had been training. Levy is writing a few things up sorting out document to make the new Fairy Tail.

She mentions that during the year out she was preparing for such an instant when the guild comes back, she had all the documents ready to submit to the council. There is still a giant thing that they had, who the seventh guild master will be. Elfman punches Natsu and thus it begins a whole guild fight.

Everyone gets in there as they begin fighting for the guild. Elfman cries a little as Mirajane thinks that no body is blaming him for the destruction of the guild on him, which is pretty good. A bottle comes out of nowhere and hits Mirajane, Lucy gets angry when Erza appears, she with her stare makes everyone stop and get everyone back to work.

Someone speaks out and mentions that the Seventh Guild Master will be Erza Scarlett. Everyone cheers, when a new members appears, they mention that there is no one else more suitable and qualified then her. Some recognize him while others don’t, he’s been waiting for the guild to come back. He mentions that there is no one more competent that can save the Sixth Master Makarov. We’re revealed to Fairy Tail Member Mest! Who was previously known as Mest. Fairy Tail 438 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, fully deserves the amount of awesome that is included in this chapter. It seems that Mest knows something about Makarov and his whereabouts. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 439, titled “Arboles Empire”, when we see what is truly happening next.

There are 4 comments

  1. Bijoy Bhattacharjee

    To think that of all people elfman will punch natsu,erza becoming the seventh master.Still i think presently natsu is the strongest among all
    and i wonder about the meaning of next chapter


    1. Sunite

      Haha I think Elfman has gotten stronger, but he got a lucky punch 😛 Yeah Natsu will always keep growing stronger, he will never stop. I think we’re about to discover something new and what actually happened to Makarov.


  2. Bijoy Bhattacharjee

    The next chapter’s title is named”alvarez empire”.I think makarov had kept as a captive by some organisation.The series will going to take interesting turn as i sense some strong opponents entry that had been never seen and also four gods of ishgal’s identity is somewhere around the corner.


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