Revival of Akatsuki! Uchiha Attack – Naruto Gaiden 5

Naruto Gaiden 5 focuses on the enemy as they want to revive the Akatsuki, they attack Naruto, Sasuke, Sarada and Chocho while Sakura makes her way there. Sarada is unhappy at the response Sasuke gave her about him leaving her for so long, we learn that it was for an operation based on something evil brewing.

Naruto Gaiden 5 begins as Sasuke goes for a stab but misses, Sarada is in shock, Sasuke goes to grab Sarada when she shouts “papa”, Sasuke quickly realises that she is none other than Sarada. He realises as Sarada quickly knew right away that he was her dad.

Naruto and Chocho come in as Sasuke asks Naruto why he brought her there. Sarada mentions that they came to see you. Sarada mentions that she found out about Naruto meeting with Sasuke, therefore she tagged along, there is something she needs to hear from him.

Sarada asks Sasuke if Sakura is truly her real mother. Elsewhere we see Sakura and Shizune talk about Sarada, how Sarada wanted to ask Sasuke about Karin. She knows that she’s headed towards the cliff then, as mentioned by Shikamaru. Sasuke asks Sarada if something happened, she is pissed off and shouts that he hasn’t been there for them at all.

She asks why she won’t be with her, does he find it okay to forget the face of her own child.  She brings the picture out and asks who Karin is, and mentions that Sakura couldn’t even tell her this. She doesn’t even think she can believe the two of them. Sarada asks what he’s been doing all this time.

Sasuke tells her that it has nothing to do with her. She’s had it and quickly walks out on them. Naruto goes out as he remembers the times before he left. He remembers that all the Kage’s were sitting around, talking about how Kaguya isn’t the only threat. It seems that forming White Zetsu’s was something that came way before the war.

It seems that there could be something far scarier than Kaguya has appeared, it’s unthinkable, however they all need to keep quite for a while. Sasuke tells Naruto to stay with the village as he spends his time tracking down whats going on. He asks the Kage’s to put this down as a secret mission and tell no one about it.

Now, Naruto approaches Sarada telling him that Sasuke is an admirable man, there is no mistaking that. Elsewhere we see Sakura quickly run towards the tower. In a secret location, we see an evil man with an Akatsuki symbol mention that they need to begin the revival of Akatsuki.

He takes his cloak off as we see that his head and body is covered with a number of Sharingan eyes. Also there are a number of other different Uchiha users, just like shin. This man and Shin transport themselves to the tower and begin their attack on Sarada.

This man enables his Mangekyou Sharingan while Naruto realises that they’re being attacked. He quickly transforms and uses Kurama’s power to defend himself. Sasuke also appears as the mysterious man and Sasuke’s eyes clash. Naruto Gaiden 5 ends here.

A fantastic chapter indeed, Sarada and Sasuke have met, even if it’s a bad situation. I’m sure Sasuke wants to tell her but can’t. And Sakura is making her way there. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Gaiden 6, when we see what’ll happen next when these enemies battle it out.

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  1. dreager1

    The series is certainly much better than I could have guessed. A threat bigger than Kaguya? I’m really hoping that this is true and that we get a massive battle to end the series. It would certainly be awesome! Sunite, did you ever get to watch Naruto The Last? I forgot if you mentioned it or not.


    1. Sunite

      Hmm, from the battles, I don’t think there is any one else we know who got mentioned except for Kaguya’s son Hamura who could still be involved here. Actually I completely forgot about The Last, I’ll try and watch it as soon as I can. Apparently it’s awesome?


      1. dreager1

        Well, whoever the main villain is, I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s got. If the series keeps up this intensity for all 10 chapters, I’m certainly going to give it a strong 9/10 review!

        The Last is certainly awesome and I gave it a solid 9/10 in my review. My only mild complaint is that Naruto’s very out of character, but it was probably inevitable since the big romance subplot with Hinata is around. I’m not a fan of Naruto’s design either, but he definitely means business here as Naruto takes no prisoners. The audience really got hyper when he started slicing everyone up. I was lucky in that a theater was playing the film in NYC so I quickly headed over there and got to see it. It was subbed of course, but that’s always a lot of fun. I highly recommend it and we get some pretty awesome feats for Naruto and the villains. The action starts to head into DBZ territory at some points.


  2. Kisuke

    That father of Shin Uchiha has sharingan hands exactly like Danzo’s.The liitle one there uses space time ninjutsu,I wonder if they are all experiments of Orochimaru as mentioned by Kakashi.


    1. Sunite

      Or could somehow be related to Danzo? I’d think that he’d have similar techniques when he gets stabbed or killed, he’ll come back and able to battle once more.


    1. dreager1

      No, I saw the film in theaters =) I really tend to stay away from downloads and the like although I watch the official Buddyfight and Cardfight episodes that are put up on Youtube. It’s cool that it’s essentially simulcast on the same day or even before Japan. The film should be on DVD soon hopefully although I’m sure that you could easily find it online somewhere.


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