Tartarus Guild! Warrod’s A Founding Member – Fairy Tail 233

Fairy Tail 233 see’s Natsu and others enjoying their time after saving the Sun village, on top of which they go all the way back to Warrod’s house to find out that Warrod is one of the founding members of Fairy Tail. They ask about END and Tartarus, to which they find out that it belong to the Book of Zeref and that it’s a evil guild.

Can’t say anything bad about this episode, after Kyoka was introduced to us as another Tartarus member, and Flare welcomed to the village, we see that Warrod is in fact a member of Fairy Tail. He knew Mavis and helped build Fairy Tail from the ground up. A brilliant episode indeed, can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s Fairy Tail 234, titled “Tartarus Arc (Prologue), The Nine Demon Gates”, it’s a brilliant new arc!

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