Orochi’s Fin Master! Lucy’s Leo Form – Fairy Tail 422

Fairy Tail 422 see’s Natsu rushing off to find Chelia who stole Happy from him, while Orochi Fin’s master Bluenote Stinger appears and battles Chelia and Wendy whilst Natsu interrupts. Lucy summons Loke who helps out to keep the monsters off the town, then enables her new power where she uses a little of Loke’s power to enable her Leo Form.

Fairy Tail 422 begins as Wendy and Chelia both to above the monsters as they begin their battle against them, as well as to stop all the monsters that have appeared. They need to find the summoner and stop them. They see members of Orochi’s Fin, they land and begin fighting them. They even release their roar and crush many of the members.

They all surround them while Carla and Happy also begin to fight, Carla uses her new form to battle. Happy tries to train as he brings his fish out. Chelia and Wendy begin using their powers. More and more monsters appear while Natsu is unhappy that Happy was stolen from him.

He runs towards the monster to get Happy back, he pushes all of the monsters away as he crushes many as he runs. Lucy summons Loke as well as enables her new move where she uses a little of Loke’s power to turn into her Leo Form, it’s similar to Erza’s magic where she changes her form.

They begin crushes the monsters, freezing and kicking them around. Loke uses his Regulus Impact with Lucy using her Regulus Lucy kick. Chelia spots the summoner, she is nearly hit by an attack when Wendy helps her out. The master of Orochi’s fin asks if he can finally go in.

The master quickly mentions that he’s seen Wendy before, he goes on ahead and quickly uses his magic and gravity to pin down all of them. Wendy notices that it’s Bluenote Stinger they’re fighting. He’s gravity is so powerful that he can use it to pin all of them down.

Bluenote wants to use one of his powers when Natsu shows up and lifts Chelia up, it seems that he isn’t being affected by the gravity magic set on by Bluenote! Everyone is happy to see Natsu there. Fairy Tail 422 ends here.

A pretty good episode, Natsu most likely will fight Bluenote and most likely beat him to the ground for hurting Chelia and Wendy. He’ll probably go all out and fight someone he will think will be able to handle his power but most likely wont, nevertheless I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 423, titled “Because I Love You”.

There are 2 comments

    1. Sunite

      Haha no one touches Happy, I guess thats how he felt. I really want to see the full extent of Natsu’s training, I guess we’ll see against Bluenote Stinger!


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