Celestial Globe! Performing Liberum – Fairy Tail 206

Fairy Tail 206 face the Celestial Spirits who’ve gone evil trying to find “perfect freedom” requiring the Celestial Globe to perform the Liberum. Lucy and the others go ahead to find this at the library when Evil Virgo shows up to end up taking it from Yukino and Levy’s hand. While Natsu just wastes time trying to find Loke and kicking his ass. 

Fairy Tail 206 begins as Lucy and the others return to the Guild. They’re worry about whats going on and how none of them are responding to their wishes and how they’re pursuing their perfect freedom. They call for Old man Crux who explains that they are rebelling, no one know how it happened.

The contracts became null and all the other spirits went into hiding, the Spirit King is also nowhere to be found. Leo is the leader of the spirits, when they mention their search for Liberum. They’re looking for a Celestial Globe which allows them to performed.

They’re liberated from their chains after it’s performed. Erza is put in charge to get everyone ready by Makarov which mentions they should split up to find more information on where it might be. They go ahead while Natsu and the other Spirits go back to spirit world.

Natsu takes a ride with them to fight Loke. Natsu reaches there to find Taurus to be his opponent. They begin their battle with Taurus being much more stronger. Happy and Lucy and everyone else are finding more information on where it might be.

Virgo appears from nowhere as she also searches for the Globe. They keep on running while Virgo attacks, however Lucy fights back when even Yukino also fights with her martial arts. Levy looks at a good of donations when Yukino also notices. Yukino is told to go with Levy to find it.

Natsu keeps on battling Taurus, although doesn’t seem to get a good hit. Lucy keeps on going and trying to stop Virgo. Long ago they discovered the Celestial Globe, however they didn’t know what it was thus they donated it to the Magic Library. Virgo sets out to find it too when Lucy steps in.

Levy tries to work out where it might be,Levy notices that it might be in the South Warehouse, they try and go there. They head towards the place when Virgo shows up as Levy is told to go ahead and search. Natsu keeps on battling trying to get Taurus to realise how their master is. Natsu takes a bad turn when he goes towards earth.

Levy finds the Celestial Globe when Virgo grabs on it and goes to her place, on top of which Natsu falls down when Celestial Globe and Virgo are gone. Plus Levy had read that the Celestial Spirits would only have 12 days to live when Fairy Tail 206 ends here.

A good episode, although I’m not a massive fans of the Celestial Spirits, it was an okay episode. Next week’s Fairy Tail 207, titled “Stand, Hisui!”, should be good as we see Hisui and a massive shark join in too.

What do you think?

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